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  1. Cheers from what ive read, anything pre 2005 should be dealt with direct with WFS and anything after to be handled by the FSCS. Could be wrong, but im starting with WFS first and will take it from there.
  2. Just been viewing the WFS threads. Am I right in thinking that some of their charges/fees maybe reclaimable? Have had a few phone call and letter charges! Not that I'm being greedy, just after reading some stories it makes you realise just how badly some people get fleeced by these co men. Glad I never chose banking/loans as a career
  3. Ok, i just assumed each PPI claim had its own spreadsheet. Does the same apply to the questionaire? I will leave the date as is, I didnt realise the interest accrues until or if they settle. Many thanks, I will keep thread updated. Cheers
  4. Noticed that i have medicare aswell, didnt know that and can i claim for this with ppi?
  5. Thanks So i have attatched Loan 1 and Loan 2 spreadsheet. Loan 1 PPI was calculated by finding the percentage of the PPI of the loan then using that percentage to caluclate how much PPI was being paid on each payment. Same as above was used to calculate Loan 2 PPI. The remaining balance of Loan 1 PPI was then calculated from a percentage of loan 2 and the same method as above used to calculate the amount of loan 1 ppi on each payment of loan 2. I think this is correct having followed an example in your link My next three loans are like this so i guees you a
  6. Hi all, Just been trawling through old paperwork from my 6 old welcome finance loans, courtesy of an SAR sent last year. I have downloaded the spreadsheets and filled out two already. Just wondered if i posted them would anyone be able to look? I think ive got the hang of it from various members links and advice on other threads. Any help greatly appreciated Cheers
  7. Ok,feel out of my depth but you are right and i guess if im successful it may help someone next time they want to make an example of someone.
  8. No,would it be my local mp in England or where i used to live in Wales? And what can they do? Getting in deep now,feeling unsure, mps CEOs, who next!!!
  9. Will do first thing tomorrow,ive already looked at lgo complaints and they say to go through council first,i which i have but the outcome ninevitably will be in their favour without any independant reaponses,guess im learning the hard way! Thanks
  10. Any ideas? Feel like bangin my head....or is it just a matter of perseverance?
  11. Update, my internet down so im using my not so great phone. Had an email from jacobs saying all i can do is ring the bailiff dealing with my case. The council are saying i have refused to disclose work details despite only firstly asking for income expenditure which i promptly returned. Emailed my and posted my letter of complaint to Ceo, had a few interactions. the complaint has been designated to be dealt with by one of the people at the council who i have in writing that the bailiffs can charge in accordance with law, i have pointed out many a time that t
  12. Grown loads in the past, some people will tell you a specific way of doing them all, but from my experience most of them you can just throw in a pot of compost, water every now and again and be patient. Taste nice knowing you grew it yourself!!! Im going to plant some cayenne pepper seeds this weekend
  13. LOL, if only it were true, just took the actual figure out. One can dream i suppose! Thanks for advice on letter
  14. ]So, question about this is, I have provided income and expenditure form, why (and can they) ask for more details regarding my wifes employment? Dear Sir I refer to your various emails. The Magistrates Court can only hold an enquiry into your means if the council commences committal proceedings due to your non-payment of the council tax. The Council cannot commence such proceedings without first having received a certificate from the bailiffs confirming that there are insufficient goods on which to levy distress, so until they have had the opportunity to arrive at that decision they
  15. How polite does one have to be when one is addressing a CEO with the unfortunate task of informing him of the possible failings of some staff employed beneath him??? Don't want to upset them and dig my hole any deeper!
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