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  1. You should write a letter of complaint to tesco they will probably say it was down to health and safety but as there was two of them and they obviously had brought your new one in they should have done this for you, quote your unhappy wont be using them again and how it caused you distress and you would like a response.
  2. Go down to your local branch and insist on making an appointment with the manager don't be fobbed off with one of the customer service staff on the desk! Explain your situation and the stress it's causing you , it's nonesense they can get you your statements they just can't be arsed by the sounds of it - if all else fails write to the banking ombudsman they have a duty to follow up your complaint. Good luck
  3. You should still recieve a pension update each year from your employers pension administrator. But yes not much you can do for know unless you are over 55.
  4. I think you will find it will be frozen until you are eligible to draw it usually 55 but at reduced rate until you reach normal retirement age.
  5. Have you inadvertently agreed to stop paper statements? I know I did but you can still download them via Internet banking.
  6. Check your tenancy agreement I think as the drain up to know has been running free that its probably your kitchen waste grease fat etc that's blocked it so unless you can prove otherwise collapsed drain or neighbours problem then it's down to you.
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