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  1. CA doesn't mention notice and they also refused to pay any notice to, so it seems no further tax to be paid on this. Will see solicitor as mentioned, I would feel better if they can't go round slagging me off, I do work in a fairly small industry where everyone knows everyone and news travels fast. Still paying normal deductions on payments received while I have been suspended, really don't fancy going up against the tax man.. The current company I work with do not have much respect from both their staff and competitors, I would hope (fingers crossed) I will get a n position soo
  2. Hi all, Update... Offer reluctantly accepted, reference included to. To be honest as mentioned in previous posts I very much doubt I'd get anymore out of an ET, don't think my health could take it. I've read the draft CA and all seems normal but couldn't see any claus to stop them making derogatory comments about me, but there is a clause to protect them. Is this something I can ask them to include? Also they state that confidentiality covers family and friends, how do I control what they say, other than asking them nicely. Also could someone help me clarify what sort of tax
  3. Hi there cobbler1 Thanks for the info, I think it is more like they don't care! I have got to the point where I can't say anything nice about them and slowly loosing my patience. Received statement from manager which is a good 95% lies he claims he raised issues many times, many times is not twice In a 3 year period. They still have offer on the table but don't want to negotiate further, is it worth pushing? Not a bad offer but at my age and 20+ years service it's a fairly crap offer. Any advice?? Thanks again all.
  4. Thanks very much transient, I will have a look at this, my witness can't attend on the date they have provided so considering an adjournment request. Would like to be able to trust my witness and not opt for a random standin. I get the feeling that all info I have requested from colleagues is being vetted by HR and from what I can tell this is when the actual info requested is being removed and some cock n' bull story provided. I also believe they have asked staff not to provide witness statements for me to but I can't prove this.
  5. They are prob just stringing it out, I imagine to give me as little chance as possible to defend myself. Had to use the data protection act to get personnel file but unsure of what a SAR is, excuse my ignorance, you explain what this is? They do respond to my requests but they just waffle on without actually answering any questions. Thanks for your help transient.
  6. Morning transient, I'm preparing for the disciplinary regardless of what happens now, but they are being difficult in releasing documents to me, you should see the state of my personnel file it's quite shocking. They are removing a company car usage clause and some kind of placement process to help me rejoin to working world, the job centre have offered me this part free of charge so not really bothered about that. The company is a world wide private company, they really are huge with many fingers in many pies! Which might explain why they seem to believe they are so untouchable
  7. Hello all, Little update, they have again refused the offer but made a slightly higher counter offer but removed other benefits previously included which doesn't make the offer any better. They have also said that 2 other managers (not my direct manager) have mixed views, one wants to go forward with CA and the other wants to go forward with meeting. They said it is the last offer and was full and final again and will not negotiate further still no mention of unpaid holidays or notice. They won't answer this question so I've asked them again. I have again asked for the s
  8. That's the plan but as per similar stories employers arnt alway a pleasure to deal with! The things I have discovered over the last few weeks have made me realise just how bad they are, maybe a blessing in disguise! Will update if any progress.
  9. Within my COE under the GMC explanation it includes gross negligence. Not including the last 2 issues my personnel record has been impressively clean. ET scares the bejesus out of me but if forced obviously I would tread very carefully. Would be quite happy to walk away with a reference and fair payout can't honestly see how I could ever be expected to work with these people again I have neither respect or trust in them.
  10. It's the one position I do not want to be in, had I not come across this forum I'm sure I would have been on my a**e weeks ago can't thank everyone enough. Job hunt is well on the way with a shiny new cv, it's amazing how industry gossip spreads though some people seem to know more than I do about my current situation. New year and new starts fingers crossed I can secure something soon.
  11. Thanks Emmzzi very fair point, It's so difficult to know just how much info to give away or keep for a later date. I have all their investigation details which was an out of date report and a meeting with myself nothing further. Also the PIP they stated they would do with previous FWW didn't actually happen, he said he would arrange time for this but never did, does this make a difference.
  12. Thanks EmployLaw In a recent communication to them I have already made it clear that I think the outcome is predetermined due to conversations with them. Is it worth logging a grievance at this point..? A disciplinary hearing date has been set in a couple of weeks time. Thanks again for everyone's help.
  13. Hi EmployLaw/Emmzzi The previous FWW was GMC, but on the letter confirmation my manager says he does not believe it was a conscious attempt at GMC but more of me making the job at hand a lot more complicated than it needed to be. The current accusation is gross negligence. It's difficult to explain without giving to much away, my manager was aware of issues that were going on, he may not have been aware of what I was doing to try and repair the issues. Unfortunately the measure I took to improve the situation all seem to have mysteriously disappeared and they are unable to provide
  14. Wow thanks very much EmployLaw I wasn't aware of the rejection issues surrounding a CA. Gives me a bit more confidence in the whole thing, I think they are hoping I will just see the money and snatch their hands of . All written communication has been without prejudice however in a phone call with HR they stated in conversation this was their preferred option. I'm sure if it ever came to it they would simply deny all knowledge and delete their tracks though. Unsure of how much of a difference this makes, my boss has already told me that I would not be returning to my role but he s
  15. Hi EmployLaw, Still suspended at the moment. The offer that was made states that it is full and final, this includes notice and holidays but not any expenses, not quite sure how they have worked this out as they couldn't even confirmed how many holidays I had accrued to be paid..... Just seems like a random number they thought I might go for, but the amount is not far of 3 months so it seems its just the notice. They have as expected rejected my offer but not made a counter offer... I have responded to ask for further clarification and requested further details for the di
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