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  1. Once upon a time i attempted to set up a debt management plan which was in place for a while, and then i was made redundant again, putting a stop to that,after research i realised that i can actually do what the management companies do myself. The accounts which i am making payments as per the plan the interest hasbeen frozen, i check my credit file every month and can see the payments coming off the defaulted balance. I am sure that on nearly all the accounts there are going to be some significant charges applied prior to entering into the agreement, how would i go about getting these looked at? i obviously don’t want to prod the creditor too much as they are all leaving me alone at the moment. PPI was only on my loan, which has been refunded and i used it to clear my mortgage arrears (which is now up to date) capital one shouldn’t be much of a drama its only £380 odd quid so i can save that in a few months and just pay them off, strangely since making the token payments i have not heard a word from them, and it defaulted 3 years ago,ironically they are the only creditor where the debt currently stands at less than the original credit limit. are there any proven methods for getting charges removed off accounts whichare already on a plan, i have acknowledged the debts as i quite clearly know they are mine, but if i can get a wedge taken off the overall balance it will only speed this process up.
  2. Hi, I am new here although have searched this web site many times and helped me to make huge strides into my debts. Firstly my position is as follows. I own a property but is rented out and have moved back home in order to ensure the mortgage is paid, i also have a secured loan. both my mortgage and my secured loan are fully up to date. I basically got into debt around 4 years ago and buried my head in the sand for a long time, last year i started to deal with things as the constant harassmentand letters were getting too much, and i was concerned about the security of myproperty. The equity in my flat is negligible, if not negative. Anyway this is where i am and am looking for advice on how i move forward in the coming year to try and settle some of, and eventually all of what i owe. American Express £1093.95 Dealing With Moorecrfot £10.00 PCM Agreed Default Registered November 2011 Santander Credit Cards £5902.74 Dealing With Fredrickson International Ltd £12.50 PCM Agreed Default Registered May 2010 Lloyds TSB Credit Cards £3409.50 Dealing With SCM Solicitors £12.50 PCM Agreed Default Registered Dec 2010 Vanquis Bank Ltd £691 Dealing With C.A.R.S £5 PCM Agreed Default Registered Nov 2011 Capital One Europe £381 Not Assigned To DCA Wont Accept Payment Plan £2.50 Token Payments Made Last 8 Months Default Registered Dec 2009 Barclays Bank PLC £1204 Dealing With Lowell Financial £6.50 Agreed Default Registered July 2012 Nat West PLC £1000 Approx Dealing With Moorecroft £10 PCM Agreed Cant Locate On Credit File Lloyds TSB Current Account £2162.65 Dealing With Credit Security Limited £10 PCM Agreed Default Registered Jun2010 Barclaycard £5009 Dealing With barclaycard £12.50 PCM Agreed No Default Registered 6 Months Behind There are also a couple of phone bills, and yes you guessed it pay day loanswhich are also on agreed payment plans, after a great deal of persistence. I really need advice on how best to move forward, do i continue to stickwith the plans until the 6 years passes and the defaults come off my creditfile? Do i attempt settlement offers on the older debts now or wait until they area bit older? is there any advice on which ones i should focus on first? I want to deal with my debts, there are a lot of reasons how i got here, butthe bottom line is i have a full time job now, and am getting back on my feet,but until i have dealt with everything there is no chance im moving back to myflat. Any advice welcome. I have full audit trail since decemebr last year with ever letter written and received and never discuss on the phone.
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