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  1. They are really bad at returning calls due to the new systems. Insist it is escalated to a manager. There have been so many cock ups recently.
  2. Certainly worth the appeal but ask for a reconsideration first. You can either do this in writing or over the phone.
  3. Check the tracking number to see if it's delivered. Do you fully understand the point of a cca request. If you need to check everything you would need to SAR them.
  4. The letter you sent was only to get a copy of your agreement. Have you checked to see if it was received? If it has print off a copy
  5. From memory and i will update later. Morgan Stanley loan 15000 Halifax loan. 9000 Santander loan. 5247 RBS C.C. 6250 RBS C.C. 250 NECTAR C.C. 4250 GOLDFISH C.C. 975
  6. Have the letters been delivered and or the postal orders cashed?
  7. Hello everyone. I have been looking all over the internet to try and find help but i am at a loss. I have lots of unsecured debts. I had to give up work about a year ago on health grounds and get esa. I can see no immediate prospect of getting back into any kind of work. When i was working my debt was manageable just but now as you can imagine i am stuffed. I have looked at a couple of websites and tried out their theories but am still being hassled on a daily basis. I do not know what to try next ,what are the chances of getting the debts written off? Do i just ignore and hope for the best. My debts range from 15k to £250 and all amounts between. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. As the brigade says my understanding is that anything after 2007 it really doesn't matter what they have, the fact you used the account etc is enough. With ones before that when you request the agreement they do not have to provide a signed copy just a copy of what you would have signed. Unless you have kept great records and i certainly don't it is a very hard route to go down and a judge may well not believe what you say. So getting out of your debt is difficult if not impossible. However if you are on benefit i would tell them that and either ask for a payment break with interest and charges frozen or offer a token payment. G
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