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  1. Hello - Hoping to get a bit of advice here as I am quite clueless when it comes to legal car related issues. I came home today to find a red letter titled "Further Steps Notice" saying that I owe £305.00 and that as I have "failed to make payment as directed" steps would be made against me...thus listing lots of scary possibilities! The letter didn't state anywhere what this was about and I was confused as I hadn't received any previous letters. I phoned the telephone number given and they said it was from failing to deliver required particulars to the DVLA relating to a change in ownership of vehicle. The car concerned was in my name but sold by my ex last year after we broke up (as he had bought it so he wanted the money back for it). I explained this to the woman on the phone who then told me I'd have to attend court and make a statutory declaration. I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with this process. I understand that as the car was in my name that I am technically still responsible even though my ex had assured me he sold it about a month after we broke up and everything was dealt with - but this is the first I've heard about it and I haven't had any previous letters about the car still being in my name. I've contacted my ex who assures me he sold the car on ebay and I've asked him to send me documents to prove this *fingers crossed* I understand I was completely stupid to trust that someone would do this properly and fully trust this was an oversight on my ex's part. I confess I was ignorant about cars and ownership as this was the fist car I had ever owned and he bought it for me and dealt with it so I had no idea of the processes. Anyone had any similar experiences? Thanks
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