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  1. Thanks, I haven't and certainly won't sign any document without legal advise
  2. Hi, Would appreciate suggestions, advice or any assistance or help with the following issues: Southbank solicitors (SBS) acted for both myself and the lender in the purchase of a property. The property was sold as a freehold. There was a mortgage application made to Gmac RFC. The mortgage account was subsequently sold to Kensington Mortgage . It appears that at the time of completion, there were serious issues with the title of the property as the Commission of New Town, who are the freeholder had refused to complete the transfer of tittle deeds because the developer had not completed all of the required work to specification. Both SBS and the developer did not disclose the above issues and concerns at any point during the purchase of the property to me which I believe breached full disclosure during the conveyance. It is my opinion that based on the above Southbank Solicitors should NOT have proceeded to complete the purchase of the property. I am amazed that this mortgage completed without basic relevant statutory documentations. As a result, Southbank failed to register my interest in the property and the bank’s charge over the property. This problem was caused by SBS professional negligence and incompetency, I am also of the opinion that all losses from both parties should be met by SBS and its insurances. As this was a failure (professional negligence) on the part of SBS. To compound all this SBS has been intervened by the Law Society and the developer has also gone into liquidation. I now have at least a number of issues : one how do I go about to acquire full tittle (the freeholder have offered a limited tittle and what are the implications if I agree to one) and the original mortgage deed cannot be found Kesington wants me to sign a replacement mortgage deed and charging all the cost to the mortagage account. Should Kesington be charging me legal fees ? Shouldn't they be seeking to claim against SBS insurance? Would really appreciate advise or suggestion on this matter. Thanks
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