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  1. I have never heard of FOTL stuff if u read all necessary legislation all the info is there to be read and used
  2. Yes you are correct once a debt is paid for once(purchased ) the debt is settled in accordance to the bills of exchange act 1882, think about it how can a debt be paid for twice? Also a notice of assignment isn't worth the paper it's printed on and you have every right to ask for deed of assignment but will make excuses not to show you it.
  3. Send them a denial of implied rights of access letter with a fee of £5000, send one to the company director and one to the head of collections, also laminate one and put it on your gate, if anyone calls from the company and you get it on video u can take them court for the above amount for trespass, also like citizenb said ask for the original contract but don't ask for it under the CCA ask for it in accordance to the Bills Of Exchange act 1882 and give them 10 days to reply, also put something like if you haven't provided me with the proof within 10 days then that will constitute to these terms ( its up to u what u want to put but for example ) Your acts are fraudulent There is no debt in the first place Any negetive remarks made to credit reference agency's will be removed Them above are just examples but they should get you your copy of CCAs for free and that is if they still have them, also you can charge them for not providing you with this evidence that you actual owe them anything say for £1000, and demand this payment aswell if they haven't provided you with the evidence in the given timescale, at end of day they would of been putting charges to your account and all this has been adding up, so play them at there own game
  4. First thing is first DON'T BE AFRAID of these people they will try all sorts of tricks to get you to pay. You will never see an original agreement because they won't have it, and they might only have a copy. What are the DCAs called that are harrasing you? COD
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