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  1. Hi Did you get the mortgage through a broker? You can make a claim if the mortgage was mis-sold. Do you have any original paperwork?
  2. Hi As long as you have the paperwork and can prove actual PPI payments were made you can make a claim and be successful. Even if you do not have alll the statements they will stay pay compensation.
  3. Hi Write to each creditor and state she is in financial hardship at the moment, also send a financial statement which does not include your income because they are not your debts. Work out her disposeable income and offer payment pro rata between all creditors. Request all interest and charges be frozen. They will more than likely ask for a list of creditors and amounts owed as well. They will agree to reduced payments and what usually happens is they then pass them to a debt collection agency but the payments remain the same, they seem to do this as a matter of course, some of the DCA
  4. Hi If you still have some of the monthly statements from Santander send them a copy of about three and they will pay out compensation because they pay out a standard amount. If you do not have any statements there is nothing you can do because they only have to keep information for 6 years.
  5. Hi If you have mortgage PPI (MPPI) it would not show on the monthly payments but would be included within that payment. It would show on the original documentation you would have received from the lender.
  6. Hi D.J.F. For a mortgae mis-sell the claim is against the broker or the lender who directly sold you the mortgage. Solicitors are not required for this process but some mortgage knowledge is essential and some knowledge of the MCOB rules (mortgage conduct of business rules) which identifies the actual point of the mis-sale.
  7. I would like to reply to Hacked Off regarding my post being irrelevant. If you had in fact read the T&C of the company you would not be in the position you are now in. As you have I assume signed the T&C it means that you accepted the T&C prior to Belmont Thornton acting on your behalf. Belmont Thornton have every legal right to enforce further action if you do not pay the amount stated as owed. It is a little late to cry wolf after the company has won the case.
  8. Well ims21 you have actually answered your own question, the fact is that not all people want or have the time or knowledge to do a claim themselves and that is why they would prefer for a company to do it for them. I personally do not have the time and I certainly did not pay a 30% commission fee. I think it is up to each individual to make their own decisions about who they want to act on their behalf, and I also note that now a majority of PPI claims are actually not being upheld although they should be upheld. For those of us who were extremely fortunate to re
  9. Hi Sorry just to clarify, yes Marstons are certified bailiffs and they are used by the High Court but they are a separate business entity and that business entity is not owned in any way by the courts. Marstons paperwork gives the impression that it has come from the high court itself and this is not the case. However the same rules apply to Marstons as to other bailiffs.
  10. Hi I agree with dx100uk if they are not bailiffs then do not pay them anything, sorry I wrongly assumed you had received a CCJ and that was why a bailiff company was involved. If their correspondence is misleading it does need to be reported to the OFT, I have reported a company regarding this before and the OFT have acted on the information.
  11. Hi Just to reply to lesterlass I think she is talking about something completely different here. My point is that to make an original claim to the court you are exempt from paying the initial court fees if you are on certain benefits, the proof of this is on the court website along with the form needed which will exempt you from payment. As far as paying for costs if the case is lost this is not applicable to just sub prime lenders this is applicable to all lenders and not just for mortgages it applies to all types of lending. If any lender takes a client to court all costs incu
  12. Hi Bailiffs cannot seize property belonging to others but remember the car's V5 is merely proof of the registered keeper and NOT proof of ownership, but if your partner has proof of purchase of the vehicle that will be fine. Just for information, Marstons is a debt collection company, their paperwork is very misleading and they like to give the impression they are linked to the High Court, they are not they are merely a debt collection company who is employed by the court. Do not let them into your property at any time.
  13. Hi Did you receive a date and time of the visit from the counsillor you should have been advised of this and if you informed them you did not want a visit they should not have attended and you should not have been charged.
  14. Hi It actually sounds like your mortgage might have been mis-sold, the fact you have an interest only mortgage with no vehicle in place to pay off the capital at the end of the term. You probably got this mortgage through a broker who could not care less about your circumstances but was thinking about his commission. If you have a repayment plan in place how can the arrears be increasing, this just does not make sense. Request a quarterly statement, they should be sending this anyway
  15. Hi If you are on working tax credit or a similar benefit you will not have to pay for the court application. Don't be put off by FOS they are not always the best option, the courts look at things differently because they interpret the law.
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