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  1. Hi All Bit of a tricky one but looking for advice on the below. Bought a house in 2005 with ex partner (not married) through NRAM, mortgage in joint names. We spilt and she asked me to take over the house in 2007, which I agreed to. Got round to try to complete a change of parties in 2012 once I knew I would be accepted by NRAM on the change of parties as I had a well paid job at this point. Managed to get my ex into the solicitors to sign the transfer of deeds into my name, thought everything was going smothley and thought the change of parties would go through only to find out that my ex had an outstanding loan which created a equitable charge on the property (£13k) so NRAM declined the transfer after all the paper work had been signed by both parties. After failed attempts of trying to bargain with NRAM they refused to complete the change of parties. At this point my ex was unaware that the transfer had not gone through and would be pointless chasing her asking for her to pay it off as I knew she wouldn't have the money. Fast forward to 2016 and after advice and research I realised that the charge should not have been placed on the property only a restriction K. My solicitor has now dealt with this with NRAM and the charge is getting replaced with a restriction and I'm seeking damages from them. The problem now lies back with my ex as I was required to get back in touch through my solicitor and explain that the transfer did not go through in 2012 and I need her to resign documents when required to. My ex has now turned round and refuses to sign saying she owns half the property and wants money from the sale. Bare in mind that when we split in 2007 we were in arrears and negative equity. 10 years on and I got the house out from arrears and there is £40-£50k equity in the house, my ex has not contributed anything towards the property in over 10 years. I know that she is entitled to 50% of the profit as it stands as she is still on the deeds but would I have a case that she received nothing from the sale of the property if we got as far as court giving the fact that she was willing too and did sign paperwork for the house to be transferred over to me in 2012? The only reason she has refused to sign over now is because she has seen it up for sale and knows how much equity is in the property. Any legal advice on this would be very helpful. My solicitor seems very slow and is trying to put pressure on her but not sure if it will work. Regards Mark
  2. Good afternoon I'm looking for some advice on paying income tax on my earnings when working in Qatar as i have been reading mixed stories when looking on line. I move abroad in August 2013 to work which meant I spent 163 days in the UK within the tax year 2013-14. I paid all my tax from my previous job when living in the UK from April 2013 - August 2014. I'm planning on returning to the UK in April 2017 (after the 2016 - 2017 tax year). My questions are: Will I be liable to pay tax for the remianing tax year from August 2013 - April 2014? Will I be liable to pay any tax when I return April 2017 (after the 2016 - 2017 tax year)? Thank you Mark
  3. Hi SueThe criteria is a credit check will be performed on the person looking to take on the mortgage and a affordability check will take place i.e want proof of earnings. This is all part of the application process.Hope it all goes well.
  4. Hi Everyone A little advice required please. My wife has a Halifax credit card which has just over £4500 spent on it (£5000 limit). She has been paying the minimun payment for around 5 years and not missed a payment. The interest each month works out at £90 to £95. This morning my wife called Halifax to see if they would offer her a reduced settlement fee but she was told that Halifax do not offer settlement fee's and that they would need to pass the debt on to a collector for her to arrange something like that. They did however say that she could pay just over £4600 to settle today. As my wife is looking to clear this debt has anyone been in this situation before and would there be a black mark on her credit file if it is passed to a collector? Thankyou
  5. HiNo they will not transfer the house over to a sole name if a CO is in place as i'am in the same situation.I applied for the change of parties with NRAM but unknown to me my ex had a charging order put on the property so they refused to complete the transfer unless the debt was paid off.
  6. Good Morning EveryoneI'am looking for some advice.I'm currently the director of a limited company and i will be leaving the UK in August to work abroad for a number of years so as from March 2014 my limited company will become dormant as advised by my accountant. My accountant has also advised me that i will still be required to complete a shelf assessment in every year even though the company is dormant.As I'am registering with HMRC to be a non residant in the UK via a P85 so what i earn in abroad will not be taxed when or if i do return to live in the country will me having to complete a self assessment tax return and having a dormant limited company affect my UK residancy?Thanks
  7. Becky im PAYE. I was also wondering if i could claim milage back?
  8. Good afternoon I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I'm currently on a 2on 2off rota offshore and i do 13 trips a year. I Travel up to Aberdeen in my car and back home every trip and i recieve a 2nd class rail fair from my company. I also pay for my own work clothes to wear under my overalls and use my own phone to phone my company. The question is, am i entiled to claim any tax back as i have been doing this for over 4 years now? Many Thanks
  9. Hallmark

    Bad credit

    I get a really good score on credit expert, it says excellent 980 but i dont know if the banks use the same process to score and as soon as they see missed payments still within the 6 years im scared that a request for a mortgage will be declined.
  10. Eggbox Do you know if the quote who have said is written on a document anywhere so that I can reference it?
  11. Thanks I will phone them again tomorrow and keep you posted.
  12. Egg box I have just spoke to the land registry and they said that the equity charge will stand and that the charge will apply to my ex's half of equity if the house was sold. This means I won't be able to complete the change of parties. Do you think I could maybe apply to get the equity charge removed through NR if at all possible?
  13. Yes this is the case. The story is I went through the change of parties process with NR to sign the house into solely my name this year and received the offer from NR but when things went to get finalised NR withdrew the change of party offer as they had realised they had put a charge on the house. They are now saying the charge needs to be paid before the transfer can go ahead or to even sell the property.
  14. Originally the loan was I joint names but when we split up I payed half of the loan off and I was removed from the loan and was not accountable anymore. I have that in writing from northern rock.
  15. Can anyone help. Does anyone know if the charge below from my land registry search is classed as a restriction? It's an outstanding debt from my ex and we are joint names on the property. 6 (21.04.2008) Equitable charge created by an Interim charging order of the South Shields County Court dated 3 December 2007 in favour of Northern Rock plc. NOTE: Copy filed. End of register
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