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  1. yep thats the one where i thought it was only for 3 yrs and then got told no its for 5yrs, ive been paying it since april 08 my lesson is learned from being young, desperate and not a good saver, think im just going to buy everything out right in the future
  2. DX100uk my last payment was 11/09/12 well thats my last receipt i can find, ive got the majority of my receipts from 2008 and when i have worked everything out ive paid £3533.68 for the tv, £1454.84 for blue ray player which my ex took with him , a refurb oven ive paid 196.20 and fridge freezer £271.80, thats without the ins and suff. Everything apart from the fridge freezer i have paid over 1/3 off I have found my contracts for my oven and fridge freezer just got to get a copy of the blue ray n tv now Also PH havent been today it might be because my bf told them he was going to ask the landlord about my rights as he is a police office Thanks Clear of Debt ill look into it Thankyou both
  3. Hi thankyou for the advice ill ask for a copy and see where i get as i am positive it was over 3 yrs as it was my 1st purchase from them. I wont let them in the property i keep the door locked 24/7 so they wont get in. I dont have home insurance yet im due to go to my bank and get some quotes. because i have missed a few payments and im not covered with their PH ins does that mean that i dont have to pay for the weeks ive missed with them, im also paying for the theft and accidental damage which i have asked to be removed but i keep getting the same reply of u need ur house ins also that ins needs to cover hire purchase products Thanks happy3385
  4. Hi everyone i need some advice please, I fell behind with my payments with perfect homes due to personal reasons, i also moved address within this time aswel. I have been a customer with PH since 08 when i 1st got a tv off them which i am still obliged to pay for even though i thought it was for 3 yrs but last yr i asked when that would b payed off and was advised it was 5 yrs, i cant find my contracts i have also purchased a fridge freezer and oven off them since but ill cut to the chase, they have been to my house now demanding to come into my property but my bf said i dont live here, they have thretened with police and have asked my neighbours if i live here, they were asking to come in and my bf declined in the end they said well we will do it the hard way then so he said fine. Id like to try and sort this out but i dont think i can afford to pay everything off the ins, late payment fee, and the normal pay as alone this was 50 pw. Any help and advice would be appreciated Thanks xx
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