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  1. Thank you antone, I'll get onto it right away. He said that when he applied he got a letter asking for a sick note which he sent in and he then rang a few days later and was told everything I've said.
  2. It was february 2012 when ATOS gave him 0 points, it was last month when his tribunal went against him. He rang the following number Telephone: 0800 055 6688 and whoever he spoke to informed him that he wasn't allowed to claim ESA because the tribunal went against him.
  3. Hello, My father recently had a tribunal which went against him, they said that he is mentally unfit for work but physically fit. Anyway... my father has serious back/leg problems and is unable to walk for extended periods of time and sit for extended periods of time. He also suffers from heart problems and nerve problems, I'm guessing that's due to all the stress hes been having to put up with. anyway, he scored 0 points on his ATOS assessment, we then appealed and it was taken to the tribunal where he was given 13 points and as I said above, told he was mentally unfit but physicall
  4. I see, I'll keep that in mind. I do believe it is a single fine of 400 pound, I'm not exactly sure for what though.
  5. Thank you for the reply. I understand the fines still need to be paid but we are tired of bailing him out(we have done before). The good thing is, he started work recently and should be able to pay it in full at the end of the month. My main trouble is the bailiffs, I assume there will be extra charges for each visit? Or is it worth him trying to come to some sort of arrangement so that he can pay it at the end of the month? Would they be able force entry even though it's not his house?
  6. Hi, My brother is in debt for unpaid court fines except, it's my fathers house and he doesn't own any possessions other than the contents of his bedroom and motorbike. Bailiffs may be on the way within the next few days and we are all worried that they might take our belongings. Also, being it's not my brothers house are they still allowed to force their way in? I have already been to see the solicitors for a statutory declaration but the appointment isn't till Thursday. I was wondering if there is anything else I could do. Thank you in advance.
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