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  1. They told us that out joint bill would be £70pm so during the dispute we put this aside for when the dispute had sorted so we could pay it in full. This was grossly under estimated. Our bill was more 200pm which they never informed us of during the dispute. After it ended I attempted to strike up a payment plan and was given the options I've previously listed. As we can't do any of them they were too high they wouldn't accept a reasonable amount. So it's gone month by month me paying nothing because they want it all or nothing :-/
  2. The account was already in dispute when I noticed the error IE them trying to add someone else's arrears to our account. The issue is the time it took to sort out (it's been sorted for a number of months now) means we had arrears that they'd grossly underestimated so when it came time to begin paying the bills after it came out of dispite we hadn't put nearly enough away since that point I've been trying to get a suitable payment plan so we can leave them however they wouldn't allow a managable one. So now the bill is over 2,000 (all ours) and as they are refusing to be
  3. I emailed him and heard nothing back at all. I've just spoken with customer service's yet again who were unhelpful so I just told them to write a note on my file saying I am refusing to deal with the debt collecting company (who I'll quite happily deal with) until they let me change. That and to not waste their paper on me. It's stupid really. Let me change and get your money or don't and don't get it. Thanks for the merge DX didn't know how to find the original post
  4. Unfortunately due to them faffing around the bill is now a little over 2,000 so that doesn't apply to us
  5. I'm not sure the lady I spoke too simply said the account had been sent to them via scottishpower. I just called Scottishpower to ask and they said I wouldn't be able to change regardless. They are now having a manager call me back as I have told them as long as they hold me and I am unable to move companies I will not be working the debt out with anyone. I'm quite happy to deal with SECUS however at the end of the day I'll still be held over a barral by Scottishpower and their ridiculous prices.
  6. I have recently put up a post about Scottishpower. they tried adding someone elses bills to ours and I refused to pay them while they were dealing with it because I didn't know if we were paying our bills or theirs. When they'd sorted it they'd severely underestimated how much our bills were and the money we had kept behind wasn't enough. They wouldn't comprimise on a payment plan and those they offered were not affordable (in excess of £250 for the debt alone not current utilities) I have been trying to move over to a new company for months now so I could have a regular ut
  7. Tried to contact your email to be told that the address was invalid
  8. I could really use some help please. My husband is a soldier so we move around rather often. Upon moving into our house in York the utilities were already with Scottishpower. I called them up and gave our details for bills ect and thought that was that. They then proceeded to attempt to add the previous people's 3 months worth of arrears to our account. At this point I refused to pay anything until they resolved it as I didn't know if I was paying our bills, theirs or a joint combination. We kept the money to one side for when they'd eventually sorted it out. 5 months down the line t
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