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  1. Thanks again Thing is, I'd still like to keep the car, after all we've bought insurance for it, and road tax, and it's quite new on top of everything else. I know that cargiant are w*****s, but in this case I find Sytner to be much much worse, because they lied many times over and it has been excruciatingly uncomfortable dealing with them. Actually, the experience was a bit like visiting an Arabian souk on your own lol. As I was saying, I have yet to see a written invoice, which is just plain ridiculous. I know they are covering something up because a price cannot be one thing and the
  2. Thanks for the answers. It does seem like the best thing to take the car back to the dealer, but that would be cargiant, so what should I do about the Sytner fiasco and the fact they are trying to get as much money out of it as possible?
  3. My husband bought an Audi TT on finance from cargiant in April '12. I am the second driver on the insurance policy. Cargiant talked us into buying their warranty and told us that it would cover anything that might happen with the car in the first 12 months. In September, the engine started shaking, we were both in the car, had to drive it to the nearest petrol station and call the AA. The AA guy did a quick diagnostic and said it was a faulty camshaft position sensor. He also said it would be the best thing to take the car to an Audi outlet for repair, so we searched
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