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  1. This problem has now been resolved amicably and both parties have established goodwill
  2. Another update - The Manager is still refusing to provide a refund on the returned tap despite knowing he has breached the Distance Selling Regulations. Tapsaver.co.uk also operate under: Furniture Components UK Ltd Tapsaver.co.uk Sinksaver.co.uk FCStore.co.uk If I were you I would avoid at all costs if you want good customer service. Dean
  3. I have just been informed of the following by Lucy03: This is the relevant text from the OFT leaflet (actually business guidance): Can I insist that consumers who cancel an order within the cancellation period return the goods as new or in their original packaging? 3.58 No. Consumers are under a duty to take reasonable care of the goods while in their possession as discussed in paragraph 3.44. The DSRs allow consumers to examine goods they have ordered as they would in a shop. If that requires opening the packaging and trying out the goods then they have not breached their duty to take reasonable care of the goods. In these circumstances you cannot insist that consumers return the goods as new or in their original packaging. You may ask consumers to return goods with the original packaging, but you cannot insist on this.
  4. A general warning about this company and a request for some advice. We ordered and received a tap worth £77 and decided to return it in line with Tapsaver.co.uk's returns policy some months ago. We have yet to receive a refund as the company claim we did not return the item in the same packaging as we received it. Now we did return it exactly as we received it.. ..but it seems like the manager at Tapsaver, is trying to pull a fast one. The box we received it in was rather flimsy and the tap would have been jumping about on its way to us. So to make its return back to Tapsaver.co.uk a little more secure I taped up the box very securely. The manager is claiming the box arrived torn and that as a result we are not liable for a refund. I tried to reason with him several times via email and on the phone, but he doesn't seem like a very reasonable man. I have made an official complaint to Lancashire Trading Standards and Citizens Advice in the hope that they can help enforce the Sale of Goods Act (1979). Is there anything else I can do?
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