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  1. Just to let you know - in the end I went with Direct Line. It was surprisingly easy, although it isn't cheap. I'm paying £740 a year, which is still less than others quoted me (Bewiser, Swinton and one or two others). First I got a British MOT, got the insurance on the chassis number, went to the DVLA office, taxed the vehicle and filled out the papers to register in the UK. That went very smoothly - a week later I had a letter with my British number and I could get number plates made. It was great to have the DVLA office locally in Norwich, the staff there were really friendly and helpful. Un
  2. Thanks marmaris30 for your reply. I did think of consulting my Spanish insurer to see if we could come to an arrangement that way, but it would mean driving back to Spain every 6 months to get a new MOT, which would be difficult. I think UK plates is the way to go, even though it means I'd have to go off-road for a little while - in the end it would be easier ... and cheaper! Thanks unclebulgaria67 for the tips. I'll get on to Adrian Flux and Acorn Insurance first thing in the morning and see what they say. BeWiser have been back in touch with me looking for acceptance of their quote, As
  3. Can anyone give me any information or advice on the following: I'm trying to get insurance for a left-hand drive van with Spanish number plates in the UK. To register the van in the UK I need a British MOT, insurance and tax disc. I've had no luck trying to get insured with some of the big insurers (Direct Line, Tesco, amongst others) and ended up getting a quote from Bewiser Insurance for £753. So far, so good, it's expensive but what the hell. However, reading some of the customer reviews about insuring a vehicle with this company has left me frankly worried about having anything to do with
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