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  1. Hello I am a young male, less than 25 years old and I need to get out of this situation as I am a bright guy with good aspirations, just made a lot of mistakes when I was younger. I am struggling at the moment to manage my debts. I am starting to lose motivation due to stress and I really need to get this sorted as soon as possible for the good of my own health so I thought I'd come here and see what you guys think about my plan. My wages are approximately £1000.00 a month, with a phone bill of £50 a month and board payment of £100.00. Let's start with the debt - I have 2x utility bills (EON/United Utilities) of approx £160 each to pay from a previous property, these haven't been passed to a DCA or anything but are starting to push for payment by the end of January. I have 6x payday loan debts totalling to £1250.00. I have a capital one credit card with a balance of £160.00. A Natwest Gold Mastercard with £1300.00 balance, this has been passed to Triton who are pushing me for payment and have issued a letter saying they will be sending someone round to my property. Littlewoods account passed to NDR Money with a balance of £900 approx. Very account in arrears, balance of £1300.00, hasn't been passed to a DCA yet but I am in arrears. Loan with a company similar to Pounds to Pocket, not in arrears, up to date with payments with a balance of £1600 approx. The Plan - My credit file is massively ruined anyway, so I am not bothered about late payments to creditors. I doubt that I am close to court summons, on 31st December when I get paid, I was going to clear the total balance of the Payday Loan lenders with a little help and demand they block me from using their services, as to be honest, these are what have got me in this mess in the first place. That would mean from 31st January's pay, I will be much much more financially stable and already in much less of a mess. I was then going to contact each of the other creditors to arrange payment plans with them but I wondered what the best way to do this is as they are extremeley pushy, disrespectful and awful to deal with over the phone. I genuinely believe that the best option for me is to pay off all these payday loans, as it is mentally battling on every payday to mess about with choosing extension fees etc or re-loaning. I know that these are classed as non-priority debts but I feel that paying these off will make me feel a lot stronger mentally. I await your opinions and responses Thanks
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