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  2. I have been looking after my 16 month old grandson for 7 months due to my daughter having housing issues and the Social Services placed him officially into my care. I have been reciving child TC since July but they sent me and my daughter a form in october asking who should carry on receiving them - my daughter completed her's but I put mine in a drawer until after a social services meeting to see if they were letting my daughte rhave the baby back as she wanted - and when. They decided she could have him back just before christmas this year then my TC stopped for grandson - when I rang they said it was because I never sent the form in and I should appeal I then found the form, completed it and got a letter from social worker to support that I have had my grandson since july (the HMRC also say I owe them the TC from July as I never had my GS living with me) I explained that I never had time to appeal as my GS would be going back to his mother in a couple of weeks, aslo I have not had a letter from them confirming this decision I now have had 3 weeks with no TC and my husband only received pension credit and I still ahve to buy my GS clothes, nappies, food and take him weekends to his mum Is there anything i can do to reverse this stupid decision - just by forgetting to complete a form, the government now has my GS money that he is entitled to?
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