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  1. I have already notified my insurer but I told them that I am not claiming from them and that I will claim from the "at fault" party myself. I don't have legal cover on my own insurance cover but I could include it for an extra of only £2.50 a month.
  2. Thanks all for the help. Luckily I am good with DIY fixing of cars as I always service, maintain and repair my car myself. I am using my friend's car to go to work at the moment as he is away on holiday and left me with his car to look after i.e start the engine up from time to time. The thing is my friend will be back soon so I am thinking of just going ahead and repairing my car myself and taking evidence photos along the way and keeping all receipts of replacement parts. Fixing it myself will be much less costly than the £600 excess, that I would have to pay upfront, if I claimed from my ow
  3. Thanks citizenB. They will but I will have to initially pay excess if I claimed from my own insurance, and I think I will have to later chase the "at fault" party to pay me back the excess. Dog's owner must be still sad about the unfortunate death of their dog so I feel awkward contacting them directly asking them to pay and I assume they expect their pet insurance to cover them and that is why they gave the details but their pet insurance doesn't want to deal with me.
  4. Hi all, I recently had the misfortune of a stray dog jumping in front of my car, whilst the car was at 70 miles per hour, with no room or time, whatsoever, to maneuver to avoid it. The dog appeared from the crash barrier guards, literally about 3 meters in front of the car and jumped onto the path of the car. I looked to my left, there was a car, so I couldn't swerve left, to the right was the crash barrier so couldn't swerve right. I instinctively, slammed on the foot brake, but at 70 mph all you get is the ABS preventing wheel lock and you cannot stop within that distance. The in
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