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  1. @fightingback99 Thank you for your post, you are right, 100% right. I guess I am just expecting that the job center will fail us and my hubby will indeed be forced onto something and have to stop all other support to do so. Thank you again, you've helped a huge amount. Let's just hope they have the same view as you.
  2. So does anyone know if it will be the couples rate that will be taken off us, or just my other half part? Also, can he refuse to be put on the work programme/work placements until his counselling has finished?
  3. Well I was asking 2 separate questions, one about the appointments and what will be expected of hubby, which was answered in the first thread and the other was to find out whether a sanction means couples rate would be sanctioned or just the single person, which hasn't been answered.... I'm happy to keep both questions in the same thread though...
  4. Thank you 45002 Of course, we hope we can phone to re-arrange, if need be, I just wanted to be aware of the cirumstances if things don't go to plan. And to be aware of what we can do, if things go badly. After all, with my husband having a lot of appointments each week, I find it difficult to imagine he will be able to go to these appointments, and do as they ask, if they are even slightly unreasonable or not so understanding. I'm just hoping for the best. Thank you for the replies.
  5. My OH claims IR couple rate ESA for both of us. He also gets WRAG component. So... couple rate fortnightly: £222 WRAG component fortnightly: £56 We also get HB & CT, but they are paid directly to them, not to us. We get nothing else. How much will be taken from us if my husband is sanctioned for not going to his Job center appointments? (My hubby is intending to go, but he is ill, it may be the case that he cannot get out of bed that day, and I've seen it happen, good enough reason or not, sanctions are happening). I want to expect the worst so we can be as prepared as possible. I am aware we could apply for hardship payments if this is the case, but I also read that's only 60% of the assessment phase, and you have to apply for it every week? I've also read that it's only for JSA claiments, ESA have no such 'hardship payments'?? I understand it's an incentive to get people back into work etc, but my hubby is genuinely ill, having our income taken from us, is not going to help my husband get into work. Thank you in advance, hope you all had a nice Christmas.
  6. It should be yes, I've read it multiple times that the last payment, if normally due boxing day or around Christmas day will be sent on 21st.
  7. Wow that's awful, so really there is no such thing as being sanctioned for only 2 weeks? How does it not go on and on then... because surely the following 2 weeks would have the same 'not actively seeking or available' terms as the first 2 weeks?
  8. Good luck with the job interview! If you have a new claim and the 21st is your first sign on date, then it may take a few weeks to get your first payment. If this isn't the first sign on date, you will most likely have the money automatically paid in on the 21st, as it's the last day the bank (I think) and JC+ are open.
  9. Yeah the voluntry thing is no longer voluntry, it's mandatory, and it's what my husband is worried sick over. Whether it's cleaning up parks or working at a charity shop, my husband can barely get out of bed most days, I'm not sure this is the best way to 'help' him into work.. I think it's much more likely to just relapse him into that dark place, I have every faith in him working with the right help, but pushing him into something full time for benefits, and taking them off him if he can't do it, just seems to be free labour for companies, charity or not.
  10. Thank you, have sent our story
  11. Wow! I guess you are lucky then. Suppose it depends on the illness? Husband was asked to go to interviews when he first applied for ESA, but they never MADE him do anything, just asked what he would like to be doing in the future, and if he wants further help to call them etc. Hope you have a nice Xmas too!
  12. Guess time will tell. You most likely wont be paid on Boxing day though as it's a bank holiday (least I think it is?), so you may be paid a few days early, or the fortnight before (12th) you may have been paid a full month, have you checked?
  13. They say (lol)... you're supposed to get 2 payments the week before Christmas, so last until the end of January... As we were told in the job centre yesterday, hubby is due to be paid on 21st, not sure if we will get one fortnight payment or the full months worth?
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