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  1. Hi all, Some years ago I had major financial and personal problems. Managing to get myself on my feet again but am worried about this outstanding account. Pretty much all of my other debtors agreed to a one off payment to close my accounts after months of offers and writing letters. Egg did not accept my offer. I had been paying them a small sum each month ( as I had with my other debtors ) and then suddenly out of the blue, my account was passed to a company called Apex. I stopped my payments to Egg and waited for Apex to contact me. Nothing has happened for about 2 years. I checked on my credit file and although the account is in default and has been since around 2008, it shows as still being active and each month as no payments have been made, a D is shown in the payments table. I have just received a statement from Apex telling me the account is still outstanding but at the bottom of the letter it says for information only, no action required. In with the statement were a few photo copied flyers from debt management comapnies telling me to pay my debts etc and a ways to pay note. Im confused. I havent had any communication from Apex till now. I havent made any payments on the account for about 2 years. If the account is in default, will it automatically get written off after 6 years or does the account need to be closed to do this? Am I getting this confused with defaults on the credit file? I really dont want to get back in to the writing of letters again. The whole episode was very stressfull back in 2008 and made me quite ill. I dont want to go there again. I realise ignoring it might not be the best option but part of me just wants this to all go away. Head in the sand and all that.... The outstanding amount is only about £700 but I just dont have the money or the means to pay it off. Its taken years of careful budgeting to get where I am and I simply do not have the means to pay. Any advice greatly appreciated and received!
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