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  1. Thanks SuperVillain - Decree nisi but not absolute. M refused mediation when requested by L. You're correct in your analysis - M is trying to keep house C as an asset for himself by denying L has a beneficial interest, and completely ignoring that it was their matrimonial home for almost 20 years, regardless of how it was funded. I will take a look at White v White. Thanks Pattman
  2. Yes, L needs funds to find new accommodation. There are no dependant children living in the house. Basically, as she contributed 40% towards the purchase price of house 3, and was married to M for 20 years she feels that the equity in house 3 should be split 50/50 on sale. M is claiming she kept the proceeds from house 1 and contributed nothing to the purchase of house 3. L can't prove this as the conveyancing was done by M's solicitor. L is trying to obtain backdated bank statements to prove that she never received funds/proceeds from sale of house 1, but her bank have said that they can onl
  3. I'm trying to help somebody with a dispute over claimed beneficial interest in a property. The lady doesn't have a computer or the funds to seek legal advice, and as I've read (and had) so much excellent advice from the people on this forum, wanted to ask for any views/help. Thanks in advance and apologies for the long post. The situation is: The lady (L) was living in a housing association property (1) with young children following a divorce. She lived there for roughly 5 years and then met a man (M) and they became partners. M had his own small house with no mortgage (2). L was inf
  4. Thanks Ganymede - does that mean that theoretically it's stayed indefinitely, and at any time in the future the claim be be pulled and resumed if a relevant document has been produced? Thanks Pattman
  5. Great advice as always Andy - it was defaulted in May 2009 so I'll advise my friend to try and let the bear sleep for another 21 months, where, as I've understood, it will then become statute barred. Really grateful for your help ( and everybody else who gave advice), regards Pattman.
  6. Thanks Andy - sorry to be so dense, but as the case is stayed as you say, can the claimant re-start the claim if they found a document that has been requested? I understand (and agree) that as he defaulted on the original credit agreement, that the default should stay on CRA's records for the normal 6 years. Is there a way to get the claim struck off by the court now that claimant haven't produced documents on time as requested? Thanks Pattman
  7. I wanted to update the thread as I have been away for several months, and my friend decided to wait on the letter he received. He recieved a 2nd letter from HL Legal on 7/2/2013: Dear Sir Sigma SPV1 Limited - v - Yourself Claim No: xxxxxxxx We refer to the above matter. Please find enclosed copies of the following: 1. Letter from HSBC to you dated 10 January 2012 2. Letter from Sigma Red Limited to you dated 10 January 2012 3. Letter from Sigma Red Limited to you dated 23 January 2012 Please note that as the overdraft relates to a Current Account, an Agreeme
  8. Thanks citizenB, more great advice and will do that too...now just need to find the 'donate' button for this site, thanks.
  9. Thank you The Mould. That's good advice and will get that emailed or faxed to the Court Manager on Monday. Just a side note, I have all the login details (MCOL no., Gov. Gateway ID no., postcode, email, claim no. & password on claim form and can't login..keet getting the same message: We are unable to find this user. Please contact the help desk. I saved all login details when registering (incl. Gateway User ID as pdf) so that's frustrating - is there a separate email address/fax no. that I can send the letter to? My friend intends to defend the claim on the grounds
  10. Thanks - I'm reading HSBC/Sigma threads atm (also re. defence), but as today is the deadline am really at a loss what to advise my friend to do. Will the fact that they have agreed to an extension of 14 days from friends receipt of requested documents buy time re. defence, or is that just tactics..sending out a letter to arrive one day before defence deadline in the hope that one isn't submitted and strengthening their claim? I appreciate you replies/help thanks, and the fact that it's a weekend and many people are not online. pattman
  11. I've just met my friend - this is the content of the letter: Dear Sir Sigma SPV1 Limited - v - Yourself Claim No: xxxxxxxx We refer to the above matter and acknowledge receipt of your CPR 31.14 Request dated 11 December 2012. We are currently in the process of obtaining copies of the documents you have requested from our Client and hope to be in a position to provide these to you shortly. On this basis we are agreeable to an extension of time for the filing of your Defence to 14 days after receipt of these documents. Yours faithfully HL Solicitors Any help
  12. Thankyou Ford - my friend only received the letter today (returned home at 4pm to find letter) and I haven't seen it yet, but when reading the content of the letter to me, there was no mention of a definite extension date, just 14 days. My worry is due to the holidays, and tomorrow being Saturday that there is nobody at the Northampton CC to contact anyway. I called the court earlier today, before I knew that my friend had recieved the letter from HL&L, but it was all automated and having followed the choices, was just told to read what's on the website and then was cut off..but on the web
  13. Just to update the thread and hope that somebody can advise on the best way forward now - my friend received a letter from HL & Legal today (28.12.12), dated 24 December, acknowledging receipt of the letter and asking/agreeing for an extra 14 days to produce the requested documentation. The deadline for the defence is tomorrow, and am unsure what to advise now, either: 1. Enter defense online and highlight the fact that HL&L didn't respond with the required 7 days. 2. Enter defense online and explain that HL&L have responded and are asking for 14 day extension (must they als
  14. Thanks again Andy for the template letter - I ammended the letter to suit and sent it on Tuesday 11 December by Royal Mail Sp. Delivery, and was delivered the next day before 1pm. Seven days have now passed and my friend confirms that there has been no response from HL Legal & Collections and am now unsure what to do next. My friend extended the time by 14 days, but with the Christmas holidays coming is unsure of the deadline. Any advice from forum members on the best way forward now that HL Legal & Collections haven't responded would be really appreciated. Thanks Pattman
  15. Thanks very much Andy, that's a big help and much appreciated. I'm seeing my friend tomorrow and will keep the thread updated with what happens, as well as maybe asking for more advice as the deadline gets closer. Pattman
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