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  1. I'd like to do an update on what has since happened. As already mentioned, it seemed like my insurer was on the brink of settling 50/50, and I was not happy with how the case had been handled. One area that summed it up for me was the witness statement. At first my insurer said the statement was strong as the witness knew the third party but not us. Then later my insurer said the exact opposite, that the witness statement was of no use because the witness knew the third party! I wrote an official letter of complaint to my insurer and said that I would take the matter to the Financia
  2. Thank you all for the replies. The accident was over five months ago, so my car's already been repaired, but my Mrs took good clear photos of both cars and the crash location minutes after the crash with a DSLR. My car is shown in the crash position. As said earlier, I braked and did a final pull over to my left as the other car was about to hit. So I left my car in the crash position for the photos, already pulled over and not a danger to other traffic. In the photos, you can see my car pulled up towards a solid wall, angled a bit, with the front pulled in towards the wall and
  3. I forgot to say, at the very last moment I made a final pull over to the left at the risk of hitting the wall to avoid head on impact and the other driver missed the front of our car by a very narrow margin and impacted all the way down the side of my car from the front to the back. If it was a deliberate crash, then on the one hand why did the other driver hesitate to stop? Could it be that the impact was low, not front on, and not enough damage was caused as intended? The other driver has accused me of driving on their side of the road.
  4. Thank you for your help. What happened in short is that the other driver came round a bend partly on our side of the road over the white markings and did not pull back onto their side of the road like you would expect with a driver who is cutting the corner. The other driver carried straight on and hit my car even though I pulled right into the verge and stopped. Somebody who did not see the crash but came onto the scene after chatted with the other driver as they already knew each other. The other driver admitted fault a second time at the scene to this other person.
  5. Thank you for the reply. It was low impact and there were no injuries, but the other driver has told such a big lie in the accident report (accusing me of what they did) that I do not know if the driver will have made up an injury claim. The way the driver drove, it was like someone was trying to deliberately hit me, but I can't prove it. It was very odd.
  6. My car insurer wants to accept an offer from the other insurer to settle 50/50 on a car crash that was not my fault. I have motor legal aid but have not used it yet. The other driver admitted fault at the scene, but now blames me and has told a complete lie on the car crash statement. - If it goes to court, is it done on balance of probability? I don't have anything that 100% says it was the other driver's fault, but I do feel there are bits of evidence (photos etc.) that taken as a whole strongly suggest it was the other driver's fault. - If I accepted 50/50, which I have no in
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