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  1. I had a policy to cover the CH, plumbing, electrics, drainage etc with Corgi HomePlan Plus. I gave them notice on 23 Oct 2012 that I was moving home on 5 Nov 2012. But they said they could not take advance notice to close the policy I must call back on 1 Nov. Unfortunatley I could not call back on that date, and then with the stress of the move (I was moving abroad)...I forgot. They have now taken another DD from my acount for December and refuse to return it. They acknowledge my call of 23 Oct - it is on their database. But they say "it is not their policy to take advance notice to cancel a contract". What are my rights here? They are the only supplier of many that I cancelled due to moving house that have taken this stance. Many thanks for any advice.. Russ
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