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  1. Unfortunately CC London was unable to help me as they are dealing only with congestion charges for what we have never been fined.The only think left is Citizen Advice Bureau.I need to find out for what Marston Group charged me in July then I can move further with the case
  2. to TomtubbyI will call as you adviced.Thank you very much for your help.
  3. Hi all, I have no idea how to deal with my situation and I hope someone could be able to give me some advice. My boyfriend got a parking ticket by Newham London/TFL which he failed to pay on time (December 2011). Marston Group was after him. When he got letter from Marston he paid penalty same day (July). Few days ago he was clamped on the street by JBW. When he asked for what they said that for ticket from December last year. He informed JBW that he already paid this ticket but JBW said that he needs to pay £500 and if he really paid he will get money back. He tried to contact council and both companies but they sending him from one place to another. Just to be 100% sure he contacted Marston to find out exactly for which ticket he was charged in July. Marston respond that they are not able to provide the details. We have all the receipts and letters but we are trying to link both companies to the same offense to make sure that we actually paid twice for same ticket. Can someone advice if there is any chance we can get information from Marston regarding our payment. For me it pretty clear that if I am charged for something I should be informed exactly for what. Is there any act I could refer to to get the information. Please help!!!! Thank you in advance
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