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  1. The only advice i can give, if you take the insurance offer NOTIFY dvla straight away as there is a new law about insurance and keep proof of postage.
  2. Thanks Conniff for your help.
  3. Good news, i got letter from DVLA Enforcement Centre this morning it states,(Thank you for your reply to the fixed penalty notice. In view of the information provided to us no further action will be taken).What a relief, and yes Surfer01 i was totally stressed didn't need the extra aggro from the modern day bounty hunters. Thankyou to all who replyed to my query.
  4. Hi sir_gilmour, thankyou, yes it is a bit confusing.
  5. Hi Conniff, I didn't have car to insure, it was written off as it was costing to much to repair, it went on fire due to a manufacturing fault, the manufacturers insurance company paid me out, once i accepted the offer i then went back to arnold clark where my car was going to be repaired, i emptied the car of my belongings and my tax disc,but due to ill health (severe deppression) i didn't send my documents into dvla until 5 months later, i was fully insured 1 year tax and mot everything was above board and legit, the accident happend in april and once i accepted the offer i then got in touch with insurance company and told them the story, no more car so cancelled insurance in may. I have since found out "under the new system"dvla will work in partnership with the motor insurer bureau to identify uninsured vehicles and send the registered keeper a warning letter warning them if they fail to comply with the advice set out in the letter they will face a fixed penalty of £100, I did not receive any letter. Motor insurance database sent me a fixed penalty only after i wrote to dvla,the only thing im guilty of is sending my documents in late, and they deducted £40 from my car tax refund, this must be because i was late with sending back tax disc,i phoned dvla to find out about the £40 and £100 fine that mid are asking for and was told cant talk about it on phone write in to fines office.
  6. My car was written off in may 2012 i cancelled insurance on 18th may 2012 and didn't send docs into dvla until oct (5 months late) i sent them everything including tax disc from jan 2012 to jan 2013, dvla then sent confirmation slip and a check for £21 i think it was minus £40 or so less, i thought that was money they took for fine and that was end of it. WRONG a couple of weeks later i get a letter from - mid - database shows this vehicle was not insured on 19/10/2012 penalty £100, i filled form to appeal and inclosed dvla letter of confirmation and insurance letter of cancellation,then on 5th 12th 2012 i get final notice of failure to insure, so i phoned mid and asked what had happend to my letter of appeal, they said they didn't receive my letter BUT the records have now been updated, can anyone please advise me on what to write on this appeal, oh and how could they update records if they didn't receive my letter of confirmation from dvla. thankyou,
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