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  1. We have all heard of the deadly ‘Amazon Fly Trap’ well now we have the ‘Amazon Market Place Trap’ equally as painful if you fall in it. This is a warning message really, although reading some of the pieces on this site it is nothing new and had I had been more on my toes and read more on the internet I would not have fallen in the ‘Amazon Market Place Trap’. I bought a "Nikingstore IDE/SATA Dual Slot Hard Drive Docking Station" on Amazon for £23.99. I received the confirmation email and again foolishly as I have been so use to and confident of Amazon’s system I just let it sit in my inbox. After a week it had not arrived so I emailed the seller only to find that they were based in Singapore and delivery could be up to 30 days. It did not take that long but when I went to use it; it did not work or not as it should. It even disconnected my BT home internet hub every time I switched it on and inserted a hard drive. I contacted the seller stating that it was faulty and I wanted to return it for a refund. We then started a series of emails back and forth while he argued the toss. It was not until I started an A-Z claim that he agreed to take it back. They wanted me to pay the £11.84 shipping and again it took a few emails for him to very generously offer to reimburse the cost of shipping!! But could I send it by surface mail as it was cheaper (£6.81). During this time I was also communicating with Amazon and it was not until then that I discovered that as a buyer we have no consumer protection at all in their Market Place purchases. When I bought my item there was no mention on the webpage that the company I was dealing with was based outside the UK so I think it fair to say that a buyer would naturally think they would be dealing someone in our own country. The way I see it is, taken to the extreme, we could have traders from all over the world supplying faulty or substandard goods to customers in the UK and Amazon just turn their backs on it as they offer no protection at all. Do I see this wrong, are Amazon actually aiding and abetting in allowing some of their sellers to rib us off and why should they do anything about it for they are actually profiting from it also. Being sarcastic does Amazon really care as in recent days we have seen that Amazon only cares about Amazon another way of just adding to the coffers, like the tax they don’t pay. They have said that I will get my £23.99 back (although I am still waiting) but it is on a wing and prayer that I will ever see the return postage again, and the faulty goods, well who knows, they will most properly we re-boxed and shipped out to the next punter and the process will starts all over again. I did notice on the Amazon confirmation invoice that they make reference to the United Kingdom's Distance Selling Regulations, “you have the right to cancel the contract for the purchase of any of these items within a period of 7 working days, beginning with the day after the day on which the item is delivered” They fail to tell you that you will have to bear the cost to return it even if it is faulty. In my case it was virtually half of the price of the item. As you will no doubt see I am a little angry about this although it is my fault really but I feel that I should speak out and add my story hoping someone might see it before they buy as Amazon will never warn you.
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