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  1. Hi dx, Thanks for replying. I provided a forwarding address. Couldnt say for 100% sure if I deferred. Any tips on the best way to find out? Thx m
  2. Hi Andy, Thanks for responding, They were through the post to an address I lived at 6 years ago.
  3. Hi CSA, I received a letter from drysdens solicitors dated 29 Nov 2018 stating the a County Court Judgement was being entered against me on behalf of Erudio Student Loans. On the 30th of November i receive a letter from the county court staing that the CCJ was entered. Both of these were sent to an old address and I received them a day after the deadline to pay it off was set- 12th December. I didnt receive any prior communication from Drysdens. I took the loan out in 1993 wiyh SLC. I deferred some years ago, cant remember exaactly how many at this point. Please could you advise an
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