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  1. Hello,

    I'm so worried and slept very little last night


    DLC bought the debt I had with MBNA,

    and along with lots of other creditors


    I have been paying a fixed amount each month and never missed a payment,


    they called me last night wanting to take my £5.00 a month to 1 percent of the balance which would make a payment of £85, I


    told them that I have little to money left at the end of the day and am paying off 11 other creditors,


    they say they will now go and get a charging order and force the sale of my home,

    at my age I will never get another mortage,

    I feel sick to my stomach.


    Any advice would be greatly recieved


    I have called the old CCCS and they have made an appointment for me to speak to someone in regards to a possible IVA

    as I have been juggling all this debt for two years and am shatterd by it and the late nights calls.:|

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