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  1. On 28th October we ordered a bed for my elderly parents to sleep on over Christmas, also ordered a sofa and a chair. The delivery was confirmed for the 21st December (as per the online marketing). The store accidently cancelled the order and the first we knew about it was a call several weeks later by the delivery team to confirm a delivery date of 11th January. Too late to order elsewhere. After many hours and numerous calls and to Laura Ashley it has become apparent that they genuinely do not care less and have tried nothing to resolve the issue. I have even offered to collect the items but told that health and safety protocols prevent this. Any mention of compensation and they freeze. I am part of a process that is designed to frustrate you into submission by passing from pillar to post with the expectation that the customer will simply passively wait for paid for items (Circa £2000) to arrive at Laura Ashley’s convenience. In the meantime my elderly parents will have no option but to sadly spend Christmas with other family members. The Laura Ashley team and their customer help is as follows… Emma – Harlow store manager; No courtesy call when the mistake was made. Does not know the title of the customer service person dealing with my complaint or anyone to escalate with. No follow up to my complaint. Jason – Regional Director; informed of mistake and complaint, no courtesy call and no help to resolve. Matthew – Customer service team; told me calls were recorded this was later contradicted by customer relations. Repeatedly informed me of the process and protocol and lied about the actual reason for another order number creation. Told protocol was not followed when I left a message for him to call. Nikki – Customer relations management team; gave me her direct line, never returned 6 calls from me or the store. When asked what she would do in my situation she said she was unable to respond ‘computer says no’ Mandy - Customer relations management team leader; not in, unavailable for escalation Helen – Head of Customer relations - not in, unavailable for escalation Kwan – CEO, not able to address correspondence directly to him as they are not allowed to give out any contact details. When asked if I can escalate beyond the 1 customer relations team member I was informed that the rest of the senior team worked in another office and they do not accept phone calls. I informed Nikki that I was going to present my experience on the sites below; she couldn’t even repeat exactly what I had said. • Consumer Action Group • Ciao • Trust Pilot • Review Centre • Mary Portas secret shopper
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