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  1. Hi, CEDR charge £25 per case only if the claim is not upheld by them, if they uphold there is no fee. Tried CAA using the online complaint form but just before the end of the complaint it said it can't deal with it because EasyJet is based in another European country!
  2. Hi Quick question. My 2 daughters had their flights cancelled a few years ago, I tried to claim but was fobbed off by Easyjet that the flight was cancelled due to 'technical issues with the aircraft' and as this was down to extraordinary circumstances I could not claim. I also received a different response from another advisor stating this was due to Air Traffic Control restrictions due to thunderstorms and we appreciate blah blah blah. Recently I was advised I should not give up so have tried again, this time I have had a number of emails back from them from different
  3. Had some advice back from a Lawyer who says the contract was not in my name so no go. Hey ho!
  4. Hi, Not sure where I stand on this but worth asking the question. I have a number of business loans all with additional protection insurance, I stopped trading and had to take on the debts as a guarantor. Is there a case for me reclaiming PPI as I took over payments?
  5. Thank you BankFodder, (and your previous help/advice). That is now my major target. As a note to others the court has treated this as urgent after speaking to them, (they are also human if you get to speak to the right person). They put it at the top of the pile, (which they only received on Tuesday, got it to the Judge, he/she returned this morning approving and the clerks have guaranteed to get to Registry Trust by end of day). So although a nightmare, it has proved if you talk to people and at least get their understanding they will, (sometimes), respond with a bit of kindness/help.
  6. Hello, Have just received word this has been approved by the District Judge. Thank you for the advice given on here and for those still fighting, it shows to fight until the end no matter what doubt or little chance people think you may have, there is always hope...
  7. Have now spoken to the solicitor from the company and he has confirmed he will be drafting a letter and sending to the court for application to seaside. He has said I can get a solicitor to draft and he will review, or leave it to him to draft the letter Any thoughts on wether I should let him draft a letter or should a draft be done and sent to him? If yes, any idea what wording should be used or is it now time for me to pay a solicitor to do this for me? Any advice gratefully received Thanks
  8. Hi an update here. After a few letters backwards and forwards, I have spoken to the company and they have agreed to consent, their solicitor is due to call me and they have also agreed to pay his costs. They have also said they are not going to admit they were wrong but will draft a letter from their side stating they are happy/willing for the judgement to be setaside. So a few questions: Is that sufficient enough for me to pursue with the court to have this removed? Is there particular wording that needs to be put in the letter from them? Is it a formality if this is rece
  9. OK Thank you I will be calling the company tomorrow to discuss in the hope that I can get them to agree it was the wrong amount and taking into account other replies, to point out there will be no costs to them. I will see where it takes me, And thanks for all the replies and advice given, as without this site I would not have had a clue. Regards MOR
  10. Thank you and I am pursuing so will let all know how I get on One question to Ganymede so I understand the comment more. "That implies that there was a hearing date set that the OP didn't attend so I presume that it wasn't a judgment by default" What does this mean? Is there a difference and if my judgement has the words (in default) under Judgement for Claimant is this something that would make a difference? I appreciate all the replies I have had, but being new to all of this I just want to understand as much as I can before I pursue Thanks
  11. I'm getting a bit lost, don't know what OP means. With regards to the question, the Judgement I am reading states Judgement for Claimant with (in default) underneath those words Is this what you mean?
  12. I appreciate your input, but whilst there is a glimmer of hope, (even a small one), £80 would be well spent as this is seriously affecting my ability to obtain a job within an industry and area I an experienced in. Let me ask a different question: Does the consent to set aside mean that if I get these people to agree the sum was incorrect and they are happy this should not have proceeded with the claim for that amount, this is cause for the application for the judgement to be set aside? Thanks
  13. Thank you BankFodder, very helpful. I will give them a call to discuss my last letter to them and explain the situation and see if they will agree. Are you saying that if they agree that the amount claimed was incorrect and they have no objection to having the CCJ set aside, (I will also state I am not interested in claiming the money back as you have suggested), that this should improve the chances? And I am guessing I would need some form of letter from them as my defence etc Thanks
  14. Thank you. In hindsight there's a lot I should have done and lessons learnt and all that, and I will now pursue and let you all know how I got on Thanks
  15. Ahh no. The letter I sent them was to confirm cancellation. When the bill was received I made multiple telephone calls each time they sent a reminder Thanks
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