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  1. Can you please help I am going to send F&F letters out. Do I send them to the original creditor (credit card company) or to the Debt collection agency (DCA) who I have been making lesser payments to for some time. e.g. Original Barclay Card, DCA is Mercers. I know fundamentally they are the same but I wanted to check Also would you have the address for the following DCA if I need to send to them? 1. CL Finance (HSBC) 2. Link financial (MBNA) 3. Mercers (BARCLAY) Thank you for your time and support in advance
  2. Great, thank you Can i come back to you when i have the replies on this thread?
  3. ok, excellent. How do i go about obtaining that please, any links to follow? or pre completed letters/forms to use. Thanks again
  4. Yes, I used a company called Chiltern. i have full statments annualy and they match the reduction on my outstanding debt on my credit file and have constanly shown a reduction, to be honest i can not fault them at all as they have done everything they said and their % was not high. they removed all hassle from me at the time. The only fault i have with them now is the charges for early settlemt and the lack of help to check or recover charges etc With regards to charges i have no clue if there are any, i do not even know if i took ppi on any of them, it was a long time ago now.
  5. WOW, thank you for your speedy reply, i did not expect that. 1. this needs a carefully worded offer letter(I can draft one for you). Yes please, much appreciated 2.start low always and negotiate, a lot depends on the amount owed. What would be the lowest offer to start with? 3.no it cannot be reported on credit files again. Excellent news 4. piece of string// LOL ok 5.maybe but at this stage will have little impact on the score. ok 6what is still owing? the debt is not statute barred as payments have been made, but court is not an option after 6 years Ok here goes,
  6. Hi All and a huge thank you to anyone in advance for your time and support I have looked at many threads and not found my answer yet, can you help? I have and I am still with a debt management company (DCM) due to personalfinancial problems 7 years ago. Consequently from this I had been issued with 7default notices. I have continually paid the amount agreed by the DMC since Istarted and never missed a payment. All of my defaults have now been removed from my credit report and there isnow nothing to do with the debt on my report at all. This being removed afterthe 6 years and if
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