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  1. here this link should work: "s1289.beta.photobucket.com/user/a118822/library/" *please remove the space between com and paste in the url* thanks
  2. thanks for the help guys!, basically this is the first email they sent me when i sent them a scanned copy of the undertakings " Thank you for your email. We look forward to receiving the original undertakings via post. As per the contents of the letter, we would be grateful if you could supply us with the following:- I. full details of all items delivered up pursuant to undertaking © above; II. the names and addresses of all persons, firms, companies or organisations who have offered to supply, supplied or delivered to me any of the Counter
  3. Hi, Yes in the post reply, i sent the signed undertaking, the proof of the website where i ordered them from, i told them that i have no more of these caps and Dont intend on getting or selling anymore as i now know what kind of hats these are.
  4. Hi, None of the email i received has any name signed on them and no signatures either!, Although the one letter that i received was signed by someone but there was no name or anything, it just said "New era brand protection"
  5. The emails they have sent me have no name and not signed by anyone. The last email they sent me was " Sale of counterfeit caps on your ‘my ebay i.d’ eBay user account New Era Ref: "my ebay i.d" Thank you for the information about the profit you made from the sale of New Era Caps. As per clause (e) of the undertakings, you are required to pay the account of profits figure to New Era, we will accept £225 in this instance and look forward to receiving this by 7th December 2012. Yours sincerely, Brand protection New Era" I opened this thread as soon as i receive
  6. Hi, I sold about 20 caps on ebay and my listing got removed and told that these caps were counterfeit. I received a letter by post a few weeks later from "new era" with the print screen of their order details and some undertaking for me to sign. I sent them the signed undertaking and agreed to never sell these again and i was unaware that these were fake. I sent the original undertaking by email and by post. they replied to my email saying that i need to tell them how much profit i made and i told them that after deducting all fees, posting fees ect i made about £240, and after about ne
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