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  1. Hi there, I wonder if anyone has any experience of this and could offer me some advice? I sold my house end of October and due to a shortfall (long story with halifax) I declared myself br Novemer the 2nd 2012. In December I got a notice B10 and B11 from the Land Registry to say that they had put the deeds on hold due to my br! I rang my OR and she said it was not a problem and just wait till the buyer got in touch! Suffice to say I duly received a letter this morning from my solicitor stating that the buyer are unable to get the deeds, could I confirm my br. What is likely to happen does anyone know? The house it not mine as halifax have paid the mortgage but the house is not the buyers and yet they are paying their mortgage!!!! No idea what happens next; does anyone else have any idea?? N
  2. Hi, Lloyds have told me to apply again in 6 months to see if I can have a basic account; not sure if I will as I will still be undischarged then so another credit check is just what I need. Trying to get used to paying by cash is even more of a hassle when Companies charge you for sending a paperbill as everything used to be DD. Course I shall pay, there is no alternative. Still onwards and upwards as they say; this wont be forever!!
  3. Hi, Thanks for posting this. I went BR in November and have had extreme difficulty in finding an account. Luckily enough I managed to re-instate an old account with Lloyds which has no debit card or the facility to use DD so it is still limiting however as I was also made redundant it was a nightmare attempting to actually received money that I was due! On top of the stress of the initial BR this added to it and for a few weeks I was unable to receive money which was accumulating in the bank until I got all the paperwork sorted. Traipsing around banks explaining the situation and being told no sorry; was very humiliating and also blows apart the myth that "BR" solves all the problems; I wish!!! N
  4. Hi, Thanks for replying. The first letter stated that I did not need to be interviewed further (1 initial phonecall) but could I sign the forms to state I understood my obligations as a bankrupt. The only other correspondence has been to ask for the share certs that I had. Cheers N
  5. Hi there, I am new here and not sure if this should be somewhere else so sorry if I am posting in the wrong place. Basically I am wondering what the timescale is in relation to the OR? I went BR on 2/11/12 and other that the initial contact two days later I have had 2 letters and nothing else. Now I know I am probably expecting too much as whilst my life seems to have stopped it is probably only one case in a very large portfolio that they have! I sold my house in Oct 2012 in negative equity (due to Halifax error) who have since sent me a cheque saying how sorry they were; which has gone to the OR and I was made redundant in Sept 2012 so the past few months have been pretty tough to say the least however at least I can get through a day now without tears so there is always a plus side!! I was not planning on going BR and obtained the figs re house sale and worked out all my money to the end degree; paid off 1 card (which I am now hoping they do not see as favouring) and had enough money from the house sale to carry me through to the begining of 2013 with no mortgage and no nursery fee's (lillte one started school in Sept) so the only asset I have is my car; which I have been told verbally by the OR that it is a low enough value to keep; thank the lord! As I am not earning and on JSA at the moment I am unable to pay anything back to my creditors other that small windfalls as mentioned above and some potential PPI claims; are the OR awaiting on me getting a job to help pay or is that now what matters? Sorry if I am rambling, it feels good to just write it down as most of my friends are amazed at "how together I am" ha ha if only they could see the paddling feet just under the surface
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