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  1. Hi, I work for a local authority. I handed in my notice and I am due to leave on the 29.07.14. We are paid 4 weekly, so my last salary will be on the 31.07.14 and it should be for a full month. today I have found out that I will get no wages on the 31.07.14. The reason for this is that in October 2013 the company offered it's employees the option of purchasing a computer on a 3 yr term with the deductions coming off their salary before tax/NI i.e. a "Benefit in Kind". I owe them approx £1150, according to them they can take this full amount off my salary which is only £639 a month and the remainder will be invoiced to me with payment within 14 days. The girl in finance also said that if I couldn't afford to pay the remainder off within the 14 days then income & recovery team are more than prepared to set up a monthly payment plan. I have looked at HMRC website and I understand that the total amount of deductions must not take the employees wages to below the minimum wage in my circumstances this would be £6.31 x 18hrs x 4 = £454.52 with the difference to my normal wage of £639 (£185) being used to pay part of the computer off. I have called the finance team who have stated that as it is a benefit in kind then this is not within scope of the minimum wage regulation and that it states in the HP agreement that the full amount will come off your final salary and you will be invoiced the remainder. This in effect handcuffs employees to the Council and they would need to have the amount owing in their bank account before applying for oher jobs. Can anyone advise on this Thanks
  2. Hi, I phoned the Child tax helpline today to make the following changes to my claim, Childcare costs to be reduced to nil as no longer paying childcare Change address I was told that I couldn't make the changes as the system wouldn't allow them to as my claim had been passed to another team as a letter had been sent out to me. I didn't receive the letter and we are due to move house tomorrow which is why I was calling to update my claim. They gave me a number which I called and they are checking my childcare payments. I have to admit I stopped paying childcare at the beginning of September, but didn't tell them until I called today and spoke to the compliance team. I am really worried as I have read on the internet that you can go to jail for overpayments, is this true? I have never done this before and I have certainly learn't my lesson. The person I spoke to was really nice and just said that I must keep them informed. She also phoned the previous childcare provider who confirmed that I paid up to the end of Sept,but I am still nervous. Has anyone been in a similar situation. Thanks
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