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  1. Hello Everyone, 11.45am had SSC forced their way in nearly knocking my worker over as he was fixing the heater above our shop door. They showed me a warrant of entry signed by the district judge. The warrant was not on any letterhead nor did it have any stamp on it from the court not even a printed name under the signature. When they did not give me a copy I presumed that the warrant which was flashed by me was a fake and refused them access to my meter which resulted in three police cars showing up outside my shop. One of the police officers phoned the magistrates court and it was confirmed that the warrant was legit and was signed by a Judge. Now I am disconnected. My premises has been vacant for 7 till now and only 72 hours ago did we open to let the workman for refurbishments. At no instance have they made any attempt to notify or negotiate personally with us. Is there anything i can do or just pay they're ridiculous off contract (deemed rates) or is it worth contacting my solicitor?
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