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  1. The way they explained it to me was that Ive been paying off the £400 odd current account (principal sum) and the £600 interest, which seems to be growing in the background, would be dealt with 'fairly', when the principal sum is paid off. What fairly means is anyone's guess. If they keep charging me at this rate it will be thousands by the time the initial debt is paid off. I will go through the SAR for any charges but havnt been well and just couldnt face it. Thanks for helping guys.
  2. Thats right DX no debts show on my credit report. I never got sending a CCA to the DCA because they did not contact me again after the initial phone call. There are documents in the SAR I received though that are copies of the original credit agreement for the Banks credit card so would there be any point in CCA'ing them instead? Sorry if thats a stupid question and thanks for the reply.
  3. Update: To cut a long story short I have now received my credit report and SAR from the bank. The credit report only shows 3 searches on it, nothing else. The SAR from the bank is approx 100 pages of dates and amounts of payments I have made on the debt along with some other miscellaneous paperwork. To be honest I don't really know what to look for in the SAR. I contacted the bank while I was waiting for the SAR and can clarify that the DCA it was passed to collects the debt on the banks behalf, and they have not bought the debt from the Bank. Interestingly enough, the DCA is yet to make any further contact with me regarding collecting the debt since my first post in September. Another point I would like to bring up is that the balance on the credit card (Banks) is what I expected it to be but the balance on the current account has accrued over £600 in interest!! The Bank told me that the 'principal' amount was £400 odd and once that was cleared they would 'come to a fair decision' regarding the interest. I hope I have put this in a way that makes sense as I know its a bit long winded but thanks to anyone that can help me out.
  4. Thanks for the prompt replies and the anti-tamper The DCA has gone quiet since I requested a statement from them and the account numbers of the debts etc. Ive been waiting on a reply in order to get the CCA off to them, maybe they are just busy doing the paperwork
  5. Update : Just received a letter back from the bank regarding the SAR I sent them. 'Please note that the letter was not signed. Subject access requests must be signed by the account holder to allow us to verify your identity : therefore we require signed authority from you before we can release any information. If you wish to proceed with your request, I would be obliged if you could forward your signed request to the above address.' I take it from this letter that they want my 'normal' signature and a printed signature will not be accepted? I don't really want them having a copy of my signature especially when Im putting in a CCA request, maybe Im just being paranoid. Any advice?
  6. Thanks, Ive marked SAR on the envelope so it should end up in the right hands. Good idea, working on the annual statement angle right now
  7. I can send the sar request to their registered head office, silly question but what dept should I address it to?
  8. I was making £1 per month payments to the original creditor as was pointed out I'll offer the same amount (just for the bank account debt) to them and CCA the other one. I want to get a statement from the DCA listing all my previous payments, any charges or interest etc on the debt as the balance owing doesn't seem right to me, any suggestions on how I can get them to provide that info? I'll update thread when I have more info and sincere thanks for all the advice!
  9. Thanks again guys, Have sent off to Equifax for my CRA file to see what exactly is on it currently. If it turns out that neither debt is on my CRA file does that mean they are unenforcable? Will CCA the credit card although have a feeling they'll produce a 'valid' credit agreement, even if they do I'll take Bazooka's advice and offer a very generous £1 Forgive my ignorance but what does a SAR do?
  10. Hi all, 2 years ago I got 3 Dca's off my back with cca's after taking the excellent advice offered on here. The credit card and bank account were both with First Trust Bank. As for missed payment, overlimit fees or PPI I really dont know. The DCA claims to require proof of benefits in order to allow a token payment. Why would neither of them be on my credit file? I can CCA the credit card but Im unsure what to do about the bank account.
  11. Hi Rebel, Its actually 2 debts that are 8 years old, 1 for a bank credit card and 1 where my bank made payments friom my account even though I had no overdraft facility.
  12. Hi, Hope this is not a stupid question but after paying a token £1 per month payment for a number of years my debt has been passed onto a new Dca and they want proof that I'm on benefits. I can provide a photocopied letter from the SSA but my question is a data protection one, , can the information they hold on me be passed to outside 3rd parties and any other agencies or is it held by them 'in house'. Many thanks...
  13. Lol thanks dx, I'll update when I get cra file....Ps. This site is fantastic!!
  14. Just a quick update re: Robinson Way and the Cabot debt, After requesting a CCA just got a letter back from them saying they are no longer managing the account. ..and all future payments must be sent to their client (Cabot) directly.. ..yeah right. ...These clowns turned up on my doorstep regarding this and can't even produce the CCA when asked to. Seems like they will try every trick in the book to get payment for what is now probably an unenforceable debt as they are the 2nd DCA that couldn't produce anything valid concerning it.
  15. Yes, There are late charges showing on the statement I received along with the CCA. Regarding the PPI I dont think so, although on the credit agreement (pdf above) I notice a box ticked for 'Credit Care insurance. That's very good news regarding the originals , in case they start with the bully boy tactics. Ive sent of for my cra file but won't recieve it for a couple of weeks. I was going to offer them a token payment each month as the debt is mine, and Ive been paying various DCA's a token amount each month for it, but whether RW accept it or not is open for debate. Is that my best course of action for now or should I wait until I get my cra file? Many thanks for all the advice Ive received here, Id be clueless without it and it's really appreciated.
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