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  1. Hello I have a number of payday loans which I have agreed payments plans with. I have a loan with Piggy Bank which stands at just over £500. I rolled over this month so it is not due until end of match. I have been released from my contract because they are making financial cuts which means I am out of a job. My question is... Has anyone dealt with Piggy Bank? Any help would be great
  2. Hi guys, I have got myself into a bit of bother with payday loans. I have manged to sort out 3 of them with repayment plans. The last one left is wonga.... I have not defaulted with wonga as of yet. I extended my loan last month. I have had 3 extensions and will have to pay off the loan on the 23rd December. I can not afford to do this as my hours have been cut at work and my job is at threat of redundancy. I was wondering how I go about this, do I way until the 23rd December or do I contact them now? Also do they send letters to your address and is the
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