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  1. Thanks for the advice *RainbowTears* i`ll do that. Gonna send email to EA`s head-office asking them if thats company policy how she acted, sad that it seems all that matters nowadays is money, `money is the root of all evil` so true. Thanx for taking the time *RainbowTears* Peace out
  2. Think i will, rebel11. C if there is any decency left in the world. Thanx for all your help and thanx to citizenB too. Peace out
  3. This is about the closest part that might be worth an email, as far as i can see. At the end of the day its gonna be his word against hers isn`t it? You wouldn`t have had these sorts of shanangans in my day..... When i was a lad...... cheers again rebel11 (god knows whats happened to me typing, this wouldn`t have happened in my day either!) Fraudulent misrepresentation A fraudulent misrepresentation occurs when someone makes a statement that - they know is untrue, or, they make without believing it is true, or, they make recklessly If you enter into a con
  4. Thanks for replies, sorry took so long been on the phone to me missus, now she`s all worried about it. citizenB Her actual words were, according to my son, `I shouldn`t be telling you this but it would be better if you put employed rather than s-employed` rebel11 He paid cash, got a receipt but whats that worth? Don`t s`pose there`s any sort of `cooling off` period on this sort of thing, clutching a bit here:lol: cheers again for taking the time
  5. My son just rung me frantic because a woman at Jeffries is taking his £370 deposit cos he`s self employed. He viewed a property and said he wanted it, so went back to the office to fill out forms, when it came to employment part he told her he is self employed (he`s been renting a flat for last 6months), she told him it would be better to put that he was `employed` for it to go through, which he did (he`s only young). He paid her the `admin fee` of £370 to secure it and left. Couple of hours later the same woman phoned him and said it didn`t go through because he said he was employed, not self
  6. Hello everyone on CAG . I`m looking forward to reading/learning lots from everyone here Peace out
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