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  1. I hope not. Thankyou guys.
  2. Just spoke to my partner, he thought I cancelled it. I feel so stupid. I don't mind paying it back at all, I just don't wanna go to jail. So hopefully as you say they wont prosecute.
  3. Will it be that simple though? Or will they prosecute?
  4. Oh my god, Ive been overpaid in Local Housing Allowance by 2 months. This totals to just under £400. I completely forgot to tell them that I moved out of the property. Because of the stress I've been under since that date, with my mum having cancer treatment etc. It has just completely slipped my mind to tell them. Oh god, am I going to jail? I'll repay it all. I'm 22 and I don't even have a criminal record, never been arrested... Oh god. I could cry right now. Its a joint claim, but Im the one that deals with all the paperwork so my partner probably just assumed that I had cancelled it because he hasnt mentioned it.
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