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    DVLA lost license

    Advice welcome I held a EC driving license. this was sent to the DVLA for replacement with a GB license. In the 3 weeks required for the process the license expired. I phoned the DVLA to check on the process and they claimed they never received the licence with application. So with a lost and expired driving licence I had to get a certficate to prove I had a license and send it to the DVLA. I want to ask if anyone has experience of the same, how long did it take and if there is any scope for legal action. I have been unable to speak to the named officer. I have been told of a "special team" that deals with these cases. Do you know what actually happens in the process? Why is it so difficult tio get ANY reliable information and why do you have to wait 3 weeks to be told that a document or something is missing and then you have to strat again for another 3 weeks? Does anyone know of a way tpo speed up the process? NO FRUSTRATION ATTACHED KINDEST REGARDS FOR ANY HELP AND SUGGESTIONS
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