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  1. Great. Thanks for that and thanks for clearing this up for us.
  2. Thanks for your help guys. All seems clear now, will cancel the carer's allowance first thing. Just one more question My father should be able to get the amount back with his Pension Credit once the carer's allowance is cancelled? Is that right? Cheers
  3. He claims the highest rate of DLA (Care component and Mobility side). So are you saying that Severe Disability Premium is automatically paid? I see no reference to this in any of his paperwork. Also if that is the case the Government are on to a really good thing here. They pay my wife carer's allowance and take the money off me, then they take the same money off my father meaning they get double back what they pay out! Good scheme for them. I will need to cancel the carer's allowance straight away Monday morning - I'm not paying the government so we can look after my father - we do that for free
  4. Thanks for that. He doesn't receive Severe Disability Premium and has never claimed that. I have recently moved from ESA - Contribution to ESA Income based. All the time though that my wife is claiming Carer's Allowance I have nearly all that same amount deducted from my ESA, I certainly don't receive any extra. Don't know if this helps. Thanks.
  5. Hi all Not sure if this can be dealt with here, if not please delete! Thanks My wife claims Carers Allowance for my father. He receives Pension Credit and State Pension (if that's how it is broken down). Since my wife has claimed Carer's Allowance I have had my money reduced by the same amount from my ESA, which is what we expected to happen - in other words we are not financially gaining as far as I can tell. Today my father had a letter from the Pension Service advising him that his pension Credit will be reduced by the same amount as the Carer's Allowance my wife claims for him. So they are taking the amount of Carer's Allowance from my income (full amount) and from his. Surely they can't take the same money of both of us? Any help if possible will be appreciated. Many Thanks.
  6. My father has now received the Credit Agreement It would seem my only path now is try and get this interest stopped. Personally I would give them £1 a month, but I will see what my father wants to do. Cheers guys.
  7. Thanks for that dx. So just to be absolutely clear, if there is not a Credit Agreement there's nothing they can do? Cheers.
  8. Hi all Sorry to bother you again. I just now spoke to StepChange (CCCS) to discuss this debt and what they believe should be done. The response was I think very biased for the creditors and even somewhat of a scare tactic, but still I want to run this by you for my own peace of mind. CCCS say they have rules that do not allow ANY creditors on my father's payment list to be stopped. Interestingly enough several months ago I had a heated dispute with another of his creditors, JJB sports card where they were applying massive interest and charges resulting in after 7 years of payments a debt larger than the original. Cutting a long story short we came to an agreement of a final settlement, minus ALL charges and interest and some more. What I did was use his online account management with CCCS and reduce that creditor to £0 - no more payments were made to them or questioned by CCCS. This is what I want to get clear though, if not for my sake for the sake of my worrying father! 1 - Marlin have NOT produced so far a Credit Agreement, within the timescale. 2 - I have issued them with a copy of a letter from this website to dispute this debt with 21 days for them to reply. 3 - CCCS have just informed me that as LLoyds were the original creditor, Marlin have no obligation whatsoever to provide me with a Credit Agreement...(Can't be right? Can it?) 4 - CCCS say as Marlin have stated they are "trying" to get the agreement and havn't stated they "Won't" get the areement the debt is still very much enforceable. 5 - CCCS stated to me that to cancel my DMP with them will highly result in all sorts of legal action, including bailiffs, court orders, debt collectors etc. They also strongly advised me that creditors will highly likely only accept offers made from CCCS, not me! Please guys look over this carefully for me, I do appreciate your time. I see some inconsistencies with CCCS, like number 3 and 4 above. Funny they asked me where I'm getting all this "Credit Act 1974" business from and I stated own research and a very helpful consumer forum, I had a strong feeling the advisor was none to impressed with me looking to a "Consumer help forum" - I think she knew which one I was looking at lol I feel like I can see a little more clearly who CCCS really are and are now determined to take them out of the equation. Please help me if you can clear the above up, if only for peace of mind before I act. Also all his creditors can deal with me if my father gives them permission, right? Cheers guys, many thanks.
  9. Hi all. Received a reply from Marlin for my CCA request. I think I've attached them correctly I don't believe this is my father's Credit Agreement but more of a statement, am I right? I telephoned them, forgot to record the call though They say this is all that is required for a CCA Request.... Cheers.
  10. Thanks very much for that, very encouraging and informational.
  11. Hey guys thanks for your replies. For sure there's a lot to think about here. I would totally agree though that CCCS has always been hard work, only making things easy by paying one payment and they do the rest. For sure they have always seemed to me to lean very much towards making sure the creditors are kept extremely happy. I have argued previously that the amount they allow for Housekeeping for example is too low, by a large amount. Looking at some old paperwork, which must be 9-10 years old they allow the same amount today as they did then, maybe they live in a different universe where nothing ever goes up in price. I will look for the other letter you mentioned as they have not yet produced a Credit Agreement. I will look at seeing the best way to pay each creditor without CCCS, but this I will need to discuss with my father, who unfortunately worries and panicks over the smallest thing. Ultimately though, there's nothing secured and he has no assets so at the very worst what really can these creditors do? I feel you have given some great advice guys and I would very much like to start acting on it and helping my father out, because I think CCCS have taken him for a bit of a ride.
  12. Hi all I still have not received a copy of my father's credit agreement from this company. If I recall rightly they had something like 12 or 14 working days to provide me with a copy of the agreement. The request was sent and dated December 03rd with a reply from them stating what I have already shown above. I spoke to StepChange or CCCS on behalf of my father and sought advice on them not providing me with the agreement and was told basically that a credit agreement was not necassay anyway as I had been paying them for some quite some time and that was sufficient to admit I owe the money. They have refused to stop paying them or orthwise cancel my father's whole DMP, not just remove a creditor. Is this information correct please? Not sure as to my next step, all I really wanted was for them to stop the interest charges. Look forward to your help and advice with appreciation in advance. Thanks.
  13. OK thanks for the posts. I will attempt if necassary to follow the instructions above to post the letter So the CCA I requested will tell me who owns the debt? Still even if they are entitled to add interest it will be unlikely they will ever get the full money due to the length of time it will take to fully repay. So I assume they buy the debt for peanuts and then get as greedy as possible off other peoples misfortune......
  14. Hi The current balance is for just under £1200
  15. Hi all. I sent for a copy of my father's agreement and it seems I will need to wait a bit longer as they currently do not have it. I am unable to post links or images as my post count is too low so I can't post the letter he received. I will however quote this from his reply for a copy of the agreement:- "We write with reference to your letter dated .............. and confirm as we do not hold all of your information on file we have requested a statement of account and copy of the agreement from the original creditor and we will forward to you upon receipt." It also shows outstanding balance, Creditor (ME II Ltd), Original Creditor: Black Horse. I also received a statement from them showing that for the whole of this year (2012) my father (via CCCS Step Change) paid £135 of which Marlin added £56 interest meaning only £79 came off his debt. Roughly another 15 years left at that rate on top of the seven or eight years that has already been paid. I noticed another poster stated that, "Marlin are known litigators and pride themselves on this fact." (Thanks for the heads up). Assuming that my father decided to play hardball, Marlin goes to court and gets their CCJ this would mean the interest would stop? Am I right please? If so this may be a better way, I'm not sure. I will write to Marlin asking them to stop the interest first though, see what happens. I know all my own creditors are not charging interest, particularly the ones that are being dealt with by debt collectors, I find this unusual that Marlin are adding interest or more than likely my inexperience shows through! Anyway, any advice greatly appreciated.
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