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  1. I assumed the Turbo had just given up the ghost as it had done over 90,000 miles assumed the garage would know what to do - we took it to a garage that only does Turbo so assume they would have done the job right - but now not so sure, they have written offering to strip it down and test but want to charge for repair and labour. I took the car back from day one saying it wasnt driving properly so feel that I told them immediately about the problem
  2. Garage replaced my turbo 18 months ago with a new Garrat turbo - £1170 - my car has not performed well since - can not overtake a bus !! Have returned the car on numerous occassions to be told car drives fine. Last week after returning again - Garage tell me that the Turbo has seized - it is out of warranty therefore not their problem. I have written a letter under the sales of goods act - they say they will strip down the turbo to find out the fault but the cost of replace/repair/labour is down to me - I am furious the car has only done approx 15,000 since fitted. Anyone have advice - thank
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