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  1. Heya San, No, I haven't missed the point. I agree fully with what you are saying. I have known for some time now that our political system has been hijacked by the corporations and super-wealthy and in an ideal world I could fight all aspects of that situation but sadly, my time is limited and I can only do so much. One thing I do know is that many on jobseekers allowance and other benefits, espceially where I am, do not have a voice to speak on their behalf. They are put through the mill of benefit reform, getting their benefit sanctioned for trivial reasons and are still expected to jump through hoops with their jobsearches as so to avoid another benefit sanction, which is a bit silly because if you have no money, are not eating and worried about where the next meal is coming from, then how can you satisfactorily be seeking work? Postage stamps cost money. Bus fares costs money. Petrol costs money. Many aspects of looking for work costs money. I would love to take on the might of the puppet masters behind the government but I have chosen to speak up for those who are often on the bottom rungs of the ladders in society. Thanks for your reply. It is refreshing to see others can see what I see and that I am not alone in my own observations.
  2. Hello. I am currently running a group called Justice4jobseekers. We aim to help highlight the damage done by the current tyranny that laughably calls itself a government to those who are affected by unemployment and more specifically, the draconian and unfair changes to the benefit system. In time, we want to organise protests and other action across the UK. For now, we need to get the word out that we exist. Please offer your support by joining my page on facebook. You can find the link in my profile. Your help and support will be greatly appreciated.
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