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  1. Today 'they' came...i had a visit from the local police...at first they asked me to go down the station for a caution, but once they could see how sorry i am, what effect it has had on me, the circumstances of why i did it, they then changed their minds and offered me (1)- a caution,(2)- a ticket with an £80 fine or (3)- the chance to explain myself to Tesco and apologise by way of a letter...i took the later option. I was very upset throughout the whole ordeal but told them i was actually glad they came as i have been so terrified of the knock on the door, that i wanted to take the punishment and try! to put it behind me...the police said i should stop worrying so much & indeed, put it down to experience, and move on. Needless to say i have had another horrible day...lots of tears, the thing i fear the most is my children finding out, i know someone who works there so they had to give a statement but the police asked if i would like them to ask this woman to be professional about it and keep it to herself, which i am soo grateful for. The overwhelming feeling throughout all of this has been shame...if someone else was telling me this story i would understand why they stole, but it is very different when it is you going through it. I will always strive to never ever break the law again, i promise this to myself, my kids and anyone else who is interested.
  2. I do shop in the local charity shop & also donate a great deal to them...i have 4 children to provide for! It is hard when they are teenagers & want modern clothes but a primark has just opened up near us so that will be a great help. The item i took was one of those moments when i thought 'she would love this' i couldn't afford it so just stuffed it in my bag...god the shame just typing it! never again...people on here are so kind to not judge me or make me feel any worse than i already do...it overwhelms me x
  3. Thank you for your comment...it is exactly how it is...i am trying to move on but i guess the shame i feel is deserved.
  4. Thank you for taking the time to reply to me...i really hope that Tesco do let this go without tracking me down...im still shaking from the whole experience...how prolific shoplifters cope i don't know...you mention the cost of them tracking me down but i used my clubcard minutes before, my car number plate, and i live local, also some of the staff know me...not sure whether they saw what was happening as they were all busy working and the whole thing only lasted 10 minutes...thanks for your advice to not break the law in future...i can tell you now i won't as i have found out the hard way that i would never be able to cope with life as a petty thief.
  5. I would like to add that i have no previous convictions, have never stolen more than a bar of chocolate as a child, hence, i think, the reason i got caught the first time i did it...it will most definitely be the last.
  6. I can't stop worrying-I havnt slept at all-I know this is ' getting what I deserve' But I am in such a state-I am physically shaking from the inside out-the shame I cannot put into words-lesson well & truly learned.
  7. Hi... i was caught shoplifting in tesco this morning, the alarm went off and the jacket i had stuffed in a shopping bag was found by the guard. ..i had no receipt so he asked which till i went through. ..here is where it got messy. ..to try to wriggle out of it i made one up and the woman on there said no she hadn't served me ...the guard called the manager who went away to check whether i had gone through the till.. .i was severely panicking by now, sweating and feeling terribly ashamed that the fact my daughter needed a coat for school that i couldn't afford resulted in me trying to steal it. ..the guard went over to a till to get the woman to try to find the tag. ..while they were looking they just left me standing by the entrance ...so after about 2 minutes i just walked out, got in my car and drove home...in a state i might add. ..i have quite rightly spent the day and evening feeling totally ashamed, terrified of a knock on the door and have now got up at 3am as i cannot sleep. ..i am sick to my stomache. ..the jacket was priced at £26. ..they never asked my name or address. ..i had paid for some shopping with cash but used my clubcard. ..now what.. .will they come after me ...will the police be informed.. .what am i to do. ..i will add that i will never let the shame i felt at not being able to afford a coat for my child to let me do such a stupid thing again.. .please someone help me as i have been searching the internet for answers all day ...i am terrified of the repercushions and am thoroughly ashamed of myself.
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