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  1. Hi, Over 2 months ago I received a Penalty Fare for not having a valid ticket. I appealed against this and was successful and I only had to pay £3.60. I travelled to a destination with a permit to travel and did not have enough money for a ticket. I told this to the guard and he fined me I did not pay the £20 penalty fare I misunderstood and did not realised that I would still have to pay regardless of whether I’m appealing. When I received my successful appeal letter I also received another letter stating I now owe £40 as an administration fee was added on. I was frightened as I saw that they may take me to court I immediately went to the Citizen Advice Bureau where they were very helpful I was told to photocopy my appeal letter with a £3.60 postal order but I have now received another letter stating the following: “Whilst we have without prejudice processed this payment in favour of your account, please be advised that this does not finalise the matter” In this case, the original debt has incurred additional charges because it was not paid in accordance with the law as previously notified” “Should the full amount not be paid then the matter may be listed for County Court hearing without further warning”. Now I went to Citizen Advice Bureau again they looked through all the correspondence and they even tried to phone IPFAS and Revenue Protection Support Services and we were unable to get through. The advisor wrote up a letter for me stating the following I have paid the fare due for my journey and that there is no penalty to pay and the matter is now closed etc. I just wanted to know what are the chances of them taking me to court are and should I just pay the money owed although I don’t feel I owe them anything but £3.60.
  2. Yes I have reported it to the police and I do have a crime number
  3. I am a student and have recently been a victim of identity fraud I reported to my bank in which they said they found no evidence to suggest that any fraud had taken place during investigation although someone has used an ATM to draw out money and also gone into phone shops to get a phone contract in my name. While the investigation was ongoing I was told that they were looking into closing my bank account due to fraud but when I phoned up again they said there was no evidence that they were closing it . I then recently phoned up to remove blocks on my account only to find out that I couldn't because they were actually closing it and that I no longer fit the criteria to hold a bank account there. I recently lost my card and I have no money accept what is left my bank account which is £122 I am currently overdrawn and they refused to let me get it out because of the closure and I have no money and the moment and I owe rent and need cash for food and I am also expected a lump sum from my uni and money transfers from parents. I don't know what to do??
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