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  1. Pardon my ignorance. But when dj looked at this in September he calculated it like this, apparently using fos guidelines: Cost of PPI: £810 Compound interest: £320.07 8% on monthly repayments: £305.27 8% on ppi since end of loan: £75.30 Total claim: £1,510.64 For the second loan: Cost of PPI: £2,010 Compound interest £681.10 8% 0n monthly repayments: £322.03 Total claim = £3,013.13
  2. 2nd Loan in name of my partner: 1st Payment of £44.95 on 1st November 2006 then further 44 payments of £44.85 Total of £2018.35 paid. Last payment 01/07/2010 August payment 2010 reversed due to lack of funds. PPI cancelled shortly afterwards (by the bank) and loan defaulted after that. Same question as above. Do I also add in the £2010.70 Premium debited from my account on 27/07/06 when the loan was setup? Thanks SD
  3. Only just had time to do this. Do I put £810 into the Spread-sheet too?
  4. Thanks so much. Will look at that first thing in the morning and get back to you.
  5. As a rough guide we made continuous payments on the 2nd loan until 1st July 2010. I will go through my statements and calculate exactly when the payments were; when they stopped; when the PPI was cancelled and when the loan defaulted; when the loan went to court etc.
  6. Details of 2nd loan: 27th July 2006 my loan paid off by new loan sum of £3221.20 Loan Protection Refund of £348.07 Principal Loan in my partner's name Personal Loan Amount of Loan £8500.00 Total Charge for Credit £2880.14 APR 11.9% Total amount payable under this agreement £11380.14 Repayment Initial repayment £189.61 Date of 1st repayment 1st November 2006 59 further monthly payments of
  7. Yes 14.9% I haven't totted up yet how many payments were made on the 2nd loan before we defaulted and the PPI was cancelled. But interest on that on 27th July 2006 was 11.9%
  8. Thankyou SO much! I really am trying to sort this out. Only one CC judgment at the moment. Have missed the deadline for the second one but not notified of judgement yet.
  9. Thanks so much. Can I PM you all of my information in some more detail? Or send you MSN/email address?
  10. I am attempting to calculate how much I should be claiming for using the following information. http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=1596473 & http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/publications/technical_notes/ppi/redress.html But I am getting confused... Can anyone help please?
  11. I hate it when I misspell "account" !!!
  12. Thanks ims and dx. Yep. I'm ****! In my defence I have a Father who is suffering with Liver Failure; a Father In Law who is incapacitated with a stroke; three children and being self-employed am struggling to find work (like a lot of people.) My partner seemed to think that if we let the debts go to court then at least they wouldn't grow. I was under the impression (possibly deluded) that I could claim back some or all of the charges on our aco**** on the back of the mis-sold PPI. I looked at challenging the first ccj but missed the deadline by one day. So I guess
  13. I'm struggling to make any sense of the figures that I have. 30/11/04 £4060 paid into my account after I took out a loan for £3250 plus PPI plus interest as above. Same day £816.62 paid out for insurance premium. 04/01/05 1st repayment of 94.12 then 18 further payments at the beginning of each month of £94.41 So in total I paid off £1,793.50 of which £358.04 was PPI. Then when the loan was paid off on 27/07/06 they refund me £348.07 PPI How does this leave a balance of £3,221.20 ????? which was the amount to pay off the loan we borrowed another £8,500.00 plus £2,01
  14. IF the 19 PPI payments that I made on the loan before it was settled had not been debited to my account then I WOULD not have gone overdrawn. 1 x 19.10 18 x 18.83 = £358.04 So surely if during that time I went overdrawn by £15 and incurred charges of £50 which made me overdrawn the following month etc etc I should be able to reclaim them? (Apologies if you have all been over this many times.)
  15. Thanks dx It was mostly bank charges that kept pushing us over our O/D limit. Plus some PPI.... I suppose we've lost that one... I suppose I could either hang myself or try and get something back....
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