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  1. ***Update to the Vodafone Business Account Scandal*** So Vodafone have contacted my business and are now sending through a refurbished iphone which I'll receive on Monday the 3rd December... 33 days after the theft. They have no apologised or made any acknowledgment of the time it's taken to get this sorted. I have to admit that I feel completely unvalued as a customer by them. Am I being unreasonable to expect an apologies (or at least an explanation) and some kind of compensation for the inconvenience of not having a business phone for 33 days and spending hours and hours hassl
  2. I understand your pain. I can't offer much pragmatic advice, but in the spirit of moral support, I was £16,000 in credit card and overdraft debt in 2003. It was killing me, I struggled to sleep and my life was obsessed with how deep I'd got myself in. It took me until 2009 to sort it out. The point at which it became much easier was the point when I decided to stop panicking and start doing. I created a personal budget spreadsheet (which I still use today) where I put in my monthly spendings and income and worked out where I could make savings. I then
  3. I think Cassava are the same company as 888 which has it's head office in Israel. I can't post a link unfortunately as I haven't enough posts but if you google '888 head office Israel' one of the links has the name of the senior directors. Maybe you could contact them directly?
  4. Are there no grants or funding that this kind of site can get? Could you partner with CAB? Register as a charity? I've only recently found this site, but I'm ridiculously impressed with the breadth of topic covered and how helpful people are voluntarily.
  5. That's insane. And incredibly depressing.
  6. Is that supposed to show that smoking weed isn't that bad? Junk food and gambling ruin a huge amounts of people's lives!
  7. Having another weekend without my iPhone because of Vodafone's incompetence.
  8. Forum's are fairly simple to use atmospherical although some can be quite intimidating! If you google 'forum etiquette' there are numerous articles that go into depth, but the general rule, and excuse my french, is 'don't be a dick'
  9. I'm new too! Asked my first question in relation to an issue with Vodafone and impressed with the knowledge of the CAG membership
  10. I had something similar to that which ended up being a bank of Scotland credit card bill. Can't remember the name now unfortunately as it was a number of years ago, but was something like Sigma. The good news is that it was easily sorted out.
  11. Hi 2grumpy... thanks for the advice. The problem account is with Vodafone. I do actually have a personal account with Orange since 1997 and have never had a problem with them. Vodafone is the culprit in this case.
  12. Hi there, I thought I'd let you know about my own consumer campaign against the evil Vodafone. I had my business phone stolen on the 1st of November... it's now the 30th and I've probably spent about 5 hours in total on hold to various elements of Vodafone that have fobbed me off, ignored me and even down-right lied to me about who is responsible for replacing the handset. As far as I'm concerned, I took out the account and the insurance with Vodafone so it's their responsibility to sort it out, am I wrong? If they've chosen to independently outsource their operations, without my c
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