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  1. Thank you for all that. Quite a bit to take in. 1. Will take your advice and ignore Arden. They can't even get the address right nor did they supplying any reference we recognised. 2. Although we only handed over the keys to the property last December (2011) I actually left for Canada in August 2010. I have dual citizenship. I sponsored my spouse who is now here as a permanent resident -not yet a citizen. So I have physically been out of the country longer than 2 years already. Will that make any difference? When does the period for bankruptcy start, when we left or when we no longer held
  2. Like many others we (a professional couple in our 50s) have fled our debts in the UK. Background: We had a house with a $180,000 mortgage, and a personal loan of $14,000 both with NatWest. We each had 2 credit cards -NatWest and MBNA. When both of us lost our jobs in February and March 2008 we tried to go self-employed, tried renting our house, tried pretty much everything. To cut the story short, it was a disaster. We could not generate enough income; the property management company were useless. we ended up financing the mortgage and loan using credit cards and it all spiralle
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