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  1. result. d&g phoned today to say they can't repair my fridge freezer but they are going to refund what I paid them since 2007. £200+ that I can put towards repair or new. pretty pleased with that. some good lessons learned tho. check your paperwork properly. keep records in order. be nice and polite to customer service thanks for the help
  2. just had a chat with vicky at d&g. very helpful lady. she is filing a complaint for me which should result in either some sort of refund or repair. will keep forum informed as this could be useful to someone else
  3. thanks for reply. going through bank records now to see whats going on
  4. hi, called d&g today to book an engineer to look at my servis fridge freezer. i thought it was covered but it appears the plan details are for a zanussi fridge that i have never owned The chap at d&g was very helpful and sorry but alas i am not covered i bought the fridge freezer from my sister approx 10 years ago who had taken out extended warranty on it so contacted the policy holders and transfered the details to me and have continued to pay these up to date. the chap at d&g said the policy was taken out with them in 2007 through comet. but as a say i never bought a fridge from comet. first i realise sometimes these policies are not much good but d&g have just sorted me out with a new dishwasher and cooker (replacements for appliances that i also bought from my sister at the same time) second, yes dopey me should have checked the plan details properly instead of paying £60 odd quid a year for nothing third, i never kept any paperwork for previous years so i have no papertrail to follow and find out what went wrong. i dont think i will get anything back from d&g or from previous policy holders but if anyone has any useful suggestions then please help thank you
  5. hi, new to forum so thought it best to introduce myself before asking for help hello everyone
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